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Im in progress of a gamemode that is currently under indesclosed description until some base components are done. Cant wait to tell you!
Cool! Send up anything you've got when you're ready.

Bra, do u know how many irons in da fiya I got? Ahm a bus-say gai.

One that comes to mind is revitalizing this one:
Might be a lost cause though.

The another idea would be the Total Parkour, which I mentioned both in my resume and in the General Discussion. 

wow this is cool clan idk why i didn't notice this before

How about we make Drawful or Cards Against Humanity

How about we make Drawful or Cards Against Humanity
That's a really good idea too.

Cards Against Humanity would be great

I'm feeling really inspired and I have big plans for a project. Add me on steam if you have not already and I'll give further information asap.

Clan Application:

BLID: 18947
IGN: hodot
Why would you like to join [CS]?: i make some pretty simple gamemodes and i want to learn how to expand them with other people who share my interest.
What is your primary skill?: packaging things, making simple builds, replicating builds from other games.

Project was stalled, Terra-nova and MERP are taking my time.

Clan Application:

IGN:Diabetes Kid "Dia"
Why would you like to join [CS]?: I don't Really have got anything to do and other my friends doesnt play that much BL anymore so im just in need of Company mostly.
What is your primary skill?: *ModTer Building*/Building. But i know how to event and such Also Mimicing.

I just finished a simple gamemode:

I would appreciate it if the creative thinkers could think of improvements and if any builders would like to make a map for the gamemode. Details in the topic.

Clan Application:

BLID: 37676
IGN: Coolguy32
Why would you like to join [CS]?:
I wanted to put my eventing skills to use.
What is your primary skill?:
Mainly Eventing.