Author Topic: Despair Syndrome: Murder Mystery with more focus on Mystery (STATUS UPDATE pg22)  (Read 58624 times)

Can't download for some reason? It's froze.

I mean, you can download it but there's tons of missing addons

You may want to avoid bumping (renewing) topics over a month old in the future.
I know from experience...

shiiiit Danganronpa man I need to try this out.

Hosting it for nostalgia's sake, blink and you miss it!

edit: well stuff you blinked
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tbh you hosted at 6 am and rarely anyone is on at that time

I was on but you hosted at 1:30 PM here at GMT+2 and I was busy updating Tank Busters.

In the USA where most players are from it's 2 to 7 AM right now so yeah.

It's actually being hosted right now, I lied :^)

who the forget is lapis the floran though
when are you next hosting

Hey Xalos i was permabanned for rdm and i was wondering could you please unban me i really love your gamemode its wonderful and i want to play it but its been 2 weeks and i have still been banned so get back to me as soon as you can

We need an admin or something, i really want to play, and no one can even join.