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This one doesn't have the RBM Effect I used
oh okay nevermind then

Just follow what OP says, download Reshade on their site, then follow the "Readme" instructions inside (manual installation)

Allows you to use a large variety of shaders, including ambient occlusion, real time depth of field, bloom, antialiasing, and a bunch of color adjustments. Follow the installation instructions in the readme.txt file. No need to use the mediator; you can simply edit the cfg files in the reshade folder and your changes will be applied in real time. Certain effects that rely on depth information can't be used online.

Remember that some effects like DOF, SSAO or RBM doesn't work on servers where theres other players. You must be alone.

why does rbm also come with weird cell shading

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Wow, these effects make it looks like its not even blockland anymore that's just amazing like wow

This is so beautiful

Someone please use this with the cool face
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how do i make things reflect more

like this
Code: [Select]
#define USE_RBM 0 //[RBM] //-

//>Reflective Bump Mapping Settings<\\
#define fReflectionWideness 150.0 //[25.0:150.0] //-Wideness of reflection in pixels.
#define fReflectionSamples 128 //[32:128] //-Amount of Reflection Samples
#define fReflectionReliefHeight 2 //[0.50:2.00] //-Relief Height
#define fReflectionAmount 0.20 //[0.05:1.00] //-Mix factor between bump and original color. 0.0 means no bump applied, 1.0 means pure bump source.
#define fReflectionFresnelFactor 1.00 //[0.00:1.00] //-Lowers reflections when looking at a reflecting surface at a steep angle. Factor determines how much fresnel effect is taken into account.
#define fReflectionFresnelCurve 30.0 //[1.0:30.0] //-Fresnel curve. The higher the value, the lower reflections at steep view angles are.
#define RBM_ToggleKey RFX_ToggleKey //[undef] //-

These are my current settings which actually started screwing up with black artifacts before I turned it off (so remember which settings work before messing with it)

Basically, change these values. Increase Wideness and Amount to make the reflections more visible. Increase Samples to make them smoother, and increase ReliefHeight to make them bend more.

whats an average framerate with something like these reflections running?

whats an average framerate with something like these reflections running?
I noticed no difference. I use vsync, so 60 before and after.

fReflectionSamples should be the only one that changes how badly it impacts performance

(except for fReflectionWideness, which I noticed caused some slowdown when I set it to values higher than the recommended limit of 150)

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ultra shaders + ambient occlusion
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