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Reflections are pretty, though sometimes it makes black line artifacts.

Another ReShade AO comparison since I love AO so much:

Raymarch HBAO

Raymarch AO




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The second one looks best, but you need to decrease the intensity by a lot.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but the Mediator.exe for the ReShades automaticly made the whole screen incredibly blurry. nvm fixed
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Nice. Game's starting to look like those old Blender animations.

Ooo, these look really good. I'd take some screenshots but I don't have a strong enough computer to do that. Even with only Port's latest soft shadows, it lags terribly.

Sylvanors soviet apartment in the rain
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ho stuff
This is nice, great work

Trying out creating DOF with depthmaps from Reshade. Will upload video soon

I keep having this annoying bug where the effects turn on and off randomly at different speeds and intervals.

Sometimes it will just straight-up crash and not show the effects anymore.

EDIT: It the flickering on and off of the effects stopped when I disabled DOF.
I was using method 5 and had no other changed settings.
EDIT 2: It still happens actually.
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Someone take a reflection picture with Jasa's brick tessellation mod.