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The one stop shop for enhancing Blockland graphics whether it be through ReShade, soft shadows, or some other way. This is a compilation of various graphical resources available to enhance the game's graphics. Enhanced graphics is an umbrella term; this is topic is not intended to focus on just one type but the multitude of enhancements available.

ReShade + Custom Shaders vs Default

More Screenshots


Graphical Resources
Decent hardware will be optimal and for some of these a must.
Monitoring hardware temperatures is strongly recommended.
Make sure that graphics drivers are up to date.

Most of these resources can be fine tuned for the results desired, especially ReShade.

Post-processing Shaders

Use a large variety of shaders, including ambient occlusion/obscurance, real time depth of field (as opposed to default DOF screenshot command), bloom, antialiasing, and color adjustments. Usage instructions included above the download button.

Latest version: 4.4.2 on November 26, 2019
How to get the depth buffer working in multiplayer

Old working version for Blockland: 3.0.3 on October 21st, 2016
Patched (multiplayer depth buffer) 3.0.3

Older versions of ReShade


qUINT - quintessential shader collection
"...a collection of highly polished shaders, one of which you might already know!" - that one being MXAO
Use this collection of shaders instead of the one below, which will stay anyways for those who really want to use older ReShade versions.

ReShade 3.0 Guide for newcomers

Marty McFly's Ambient Obscurance (MXAO) with IL
Usage instructions are included in a pdf file in the zip file for 2.0.
Latest version: 3.1.0 10/19/17

ReShade Shader Presentation

Old ReShade usage instructions
[Guide] Setting up ReShade (2.0) for Blockland

ReShade Assistant (ReShade 2.0)
•   Extract to a location of your liking and run the ReShade Assistant tool
•   Add the games you want to apply post-processing shaders to on the "Profiles" tab
•   Add or select presets on the "Presets" tab
•   Active/Deactivate effects on the "Shaders" tab and modify their configuration on the "Shader Settings" tab
•   Finally hit "Save" to apply your settings to the current preset and see them being applied to the game

ReShade Mediator (ReShade 1.0)

Default Shader Enhancements

Shader Packs

Hata's Shader Toggle
A client add-on that cycles between 6 non-default and default shaders, including port's older soft shadow shader, port's newer poisson disc soft shadow shader, ultra shaders, performance shaders, and Hata's custom soft shaders in 3 quality levels (Custom High, Custom Mid, Custom Low). Unannounced update on August 18, 2016.

Port's Shaders
*"replace portify with qoh in the url"*

Original soft shadows
(direct to gist)
The first soft shadows shader release. Follow the instructions in the linked gist to use.

Optimized + Ultra soft shadows
(performance/optimized) (ultra)
Optimized soft shadows shader and ultra shaders (major performance cost).

Poisson disc soft shadows shader
(direct to gist)
A poisson disc soft shadows shader which is faster than the prior ones.

Custom poisson disc distribution generators
Original: (download)
Improved version: > Ctrl + F "Poisson Disk Generator"

Shadow Opacity
Make shadowed areas appear less flat. Blockland's default renderCsm_frag.glsl with the Opacity fix from Awdax.

Other shadow resources

A newer alternative to the below add-on that has presets!

Better Shadow Control
"Change shadows and shaders with more precision!"; allows for beyond maximum shadows for super sharp shadows, easier use of custom shaders, and the ability to use different settings for screenshots vs general use.

Adaptive Shaders (by Jasa)
"Adds a setting to the options menu to adjust your shader quality based on your frame rate"

Rendering Optimization Experiments
A DLL that optimizes rendering especially when using shadows.

Miscellaneous Shaders

Many Point Lights
Use more static lights.

Curved world
Make distant objects curve downward.
Easily configurable *_vert.glsl file for this effect

Contact-Hardening/Percentage-Closer/Perceptually-Correct Soft Shadows (CHSS/PCSS) - Dynamic Soft Shadows based on distance
A do-it-all shader that has the unique feature of realistic shadow softening with distance. Original Topic

Screenshot Enhancements

Console Adjustments

Make very high resolution screenshots.

DOF screenshot adjustments
$pref::dofSamples = 64;
$dofScale = "0.15";

More Reference
setFov(1 < float < 179);
serverConnection.chaseCam(ticks); //tick = ~1/32 second
setRes(width, height);

Panorama screenshots
A tutorial on taking panorama screenshots.


Block Cam
In-game screenshot manager and camera with several capture type options.

Max Shader Screenshot
Takes screenshots using maximum shaders; recommended for lower end computers.

UI Enhancements/Replacements

Theme Engine
Easily change between themes without messing with default files.
Outside of theme repository:
Zetro UI theme
Default crosshair (Theme_Crosshair_Default)
Old Faithful theme

"GUI+ (or GuiPlus); this is a new interface for the main menu, loading menu, join server menu, and message boxes (only works when you are not on a server (meaning at the main menu))."
Old topic

Loading Screen Slideshow
Replaces the server loading screen with a loop of screenshots and a "now loading" text.

Font Changer script
A script to change the fonts used by GUIs.

Miscellaneous Resources

Badspot on custom shaders
Badspot tells how to load your own custom shaders properly.


Brick Texture Selector
Use different brick textures (server-sided).

2K Resolution Studs + 4 More Brick Textures
Higher resolution default studs and 4 more brick textures.

Plastic/Shiny Bricks
Makes the sides of bricks "shine like actual, plastic, interconnecting building blocks".

Brick Tessellation v1
Makes bricks look bumpy (server-sided).

Brick Tessellation v2
"Bumpy Bricks!"

Cakey's Brick Textures


Newtonian Camera Movement
A client add-on for smoother camera movement.

360° View
360° view; can be used to make 360° Blockland videos. Follow instructions in this guide to properly upload a 360° video to YouTube, otherwise it won't use the 360° video player.
Note that 360° videos with this add-on (both of the above) are distorted at the top and bottom.


Custom Resolution
Use nonstandard resolutions.

Rain Blocking Scripts
No more rain indoors.

Tendon's Rain Blocking Script
chrisbot6's Bricks Block Rain Mod

GPU Configuration

(2011) NVIDIA Guide
Guide to get the most out of a NVIDIA video card graphics wise if performance is no object.

Want more advanced configuration?: NVIDIA Inspector
Of most interest of the NVIDIA control panel is anti-aliasing, which while performance costly, can remove aliasing (jagged edges) for improved visuals.
There are various anti-aliasing modes available; the newer options (not CSAA) should more performance effective.

Frame rate

Built-in FPS counter and frame spacing viewer

FPS Counter Add-ons
FPS Display by TheBlackParrot (2014)
FPS Counter by Mawpius (2011)

Rendering and Blockland

Bloxel Renderer
A renderer Badspot made in 2007 that creates server preview style images.

Gytyyhgfffff's minimap generator program
A java program that can create minimaps with shadows.

3D computer graphics and modelling software, which has plenty of uses beyond just cycles rendering.

BLS Importer
Import BLS (BlockLand Save) files into blender.

A BLS2OBJ converter. You'll have to make faces flat shaded though.

DTS Importer
Import DTS model files into blender.

Miscellaneous/Related Threads
2012/02/05 - Shadows and Shaders vs. Interiors and Terrain [Fan Art Too]
Merging Code - Custom Shaders
Brian Smith's Cel Shader Pictures
the 3d screenshot thread
Breaking the Shaders
Sepia Shader
Shadow Screenshots
Ultra Shaders Screenshot Megathread!
ReShade + Blockland
Post pics of your soft shaders!
Draw distance beyond 1000
Cross-Eye Stereographic

Miscellaneous Links
General Graphical Resources
Deferred Irradiance Volumes
Realtime Radiosity, Global Illumination News

Timeline (M/D/Y | M/Y):
5/20/19 - PCSS Vogel Disk update
11/18/18 - ReShade 4.0
9/19/18 - Screen-Space Reflections (qUINT)
9/2/18 - Enhanced Graphics Discord Launched

8/11/18 - Reshade 3.4.1
6/26/18 - qUINT
6/24/18 - ReShade 3.4.0
5/14/18 - Brick Tessellation v2 added
4/14/18 - MXAO 3.4.60
2/10/18 - update
1/21/18 - PCSS shader release
1/6/18 00:13:29 EST - update
10/19/17 - MXAO 3.1.0
3/11/17 10:57:25 EST - update
2/15/17 - MXAO 2.0 released
1/1/17 - ReShade 3.0.6 (doesn't work for Blockland) released; ReShade and all previous versions now open source
10/21/16 - ReShade 3.0.3 (older working version for Blockland)
9/29/16 - ReShade 3.0
7/16/16, 11:25:12 AM EST - major thread update
7/6/16 - Better Shadow Control
4/3/16 - ReShade 2.0.3f
3/23/16 - MXAO 1.0r
3/6/16 - ReShade 2.0
2/12/16 - Original post
11/4/15 - ReShade 1.1.0
7/13/15 - ReShade 1.0
2/1/15 - ReShade + Blockland thread
12/24/14 - ReShade 0.10.0
9/21/13 - Soft Shadows thread

Featured Media:

[VIDEO] Dynamic soft shadows: Electric Boogaloo (actually a thread link)

Blockland Spherical Video Test

Blockland 360°

Blockland GTX 970 Stress Test | PixelDog | Mar 4, 2015

Blockland-fancy graphics | Isaac Dredge | Oct 29, 2017

UHD Blockland | Jarrod | Jul 15, 2018

Skill4Life's Railroad Block Party + Enhanced Graphics | Stealth Commander | Oct 27, 2018

Blockland Enhanced Graphics Discord

If anything else could be added to the resource list or any issues arise with the thread and/or resources, PM me. Expect an update to stuff as needed.

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i love that brick reflection i want it


it seems like you just need reshade

i can tell because it looks like walls are reflecting the environment in the background. still looks amazing nonetheless

it seems like you just need reshade

i can tell because it looks like walls are reflecting the environment in the background. still looks amazing nonetheless
Okay but when I DL it I just get a file that I have no clue what do do with.

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