Author Topic: Lurker - 46485 Constant stuffposting  (Read 1223 times)

This guy has been stufftin up off-topic recently just for the sake of being ''different'' and ''haha im so offensive u guis haha''

It's annoying. You can check more other than the screenshots I provided here for a link of a his past posts, here:;u=132076;sa=showPosts

I honestly hate gyazo sometimes. Before, it didn't resize the whole image by 125%, and now the new version does and it sucks.

You beat me to the drama damnit

You beat me to the drama damnit
"bitching about people is a competition"

ya hes pretty retarded

"bitching about people is a competition"
hey your words not mine

This guy hasn't been on here long, has he?

I feel like it's some sort of impromptu forum suicide

He's either bored and trying to stir the pot, or is committing forum suicide. Just ignore him, arguing with him and threads like this are probably exactly what he wants.

I don't see how this can be forum suicide or just boredom because literally all of his posts are like this, or are cringy love related.

Somehow I feel like he will lash out on us or something on this here thread sooner or later resulting in a ban.

Then again, that's just me. Though he has been acting stupid lately.

i dont think constant is the word to describe this, its only been the last two days that have been bad and only like 6 posts