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Author Topic: Counter Strike: Global Offensive - op rank list purged, starting fresh  (Read 176453 times)

added sono and leetzero

i forgot to add myself though oh well

edit: added myself and beefcaik

i'm thinking of maybe chopping up the op a bit, i don't think anyone needs this much information. maybe make it smaller, at least
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do you guys like not know which part of the us you live in or what lol


just scrolled past this and honestly what was wrong with me

i have a bayonet | urban masked stat trak field tested. add me if you wanna to trade here http://steamcommunity.com/id/Cortunix
also my account http://steamcommunity.com/id/Cortunix , im mg1, i live us east

Im stuff nova 2 and have no friends to play with because I am a total loser
From, EU tho

just scrolled past this and honestly what was wrong with me
whats wrong with the awp, butterfly knife, or cyrex

whats wrong with the awp, butterfly knife, or cyrex
its not that, its just that its all impulsive spending

i'm gold nova master. i play in europe so lots of angry people who don't speak english, although to be fair i've met some really nice english speaking people too. add me pls http://steamcommunity.com/id/swoogles

also, I'd say the secondary post of the op could be slimmed down quite a bit. I'd get rid of the skins section as they've been around for ages now and everyone knows what they are, and instead focus more on the player list, the recent updates, and maybe a little section on the new maps/cases/operation.

I actually don't remember the last time I played a proper match.

when's de_contra

i kinda need WHICH part of europe you're in too yknow

i'll just assume EU West for espio and EU East for Bicky

anyway i played two more compos tonight

got a chill 16-5 or so on the first one, on dust2

the second one was pretty interesting. inferno, started on t. absolutely sucked ass, got up to 0-6. then we started not giving a stuff. going with the nova, or the deagle, etc.
we won 16-11. good stuff.

i think i need 2 more wins to get a rank
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i was lem at one point, but also mg1 a little while ago, and now i have no rank.
eu west im guessin