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Author Topic: Counter Strike: Global Offensive - op rank list purged, starting fresh  (Read 176452 times)

so many workshop skins are just people slapping a desktop wallpaper on a gun

so many workshop skins are just people slapping a desktop wallpaper on a gun
there was a topic made here recently with just that, and it looked like it was just another wanna-be doppler on top of that. im surprised it got praised

got a competitive cooldown to decide my skill group

even though i'm not done yet? i still have 2 wins to go

it says its "calibrating" but it does literally nothing. it used to not be there, its just to limit smurfs on new accounts to playing like 2 games a day

i lost power in a snow storm during a competitive game and got a 7 day cooldown. can't wait to be SEM again.

he said my name and talked about basketball, life complete

this is me now!!

did 3 more matches. first was average, second sucked richard (our team just didn't give a stuff), but the third was glorious

all russian team. couldn't understand a word of what they said, and they couldn't understand me. i was still pissed from the 2nd match so i thought we were gonna lose pretty bad

oho i was wrong. bought a negev. killed a few. died and dropped the negev. teammate got it for me and returned it next round.
this was every round. when they couldn't pick it up, i bought a new one. when i couldn't afford a new one, someone else got it for me.

i actually cooperated a bit with navar0nius to figure out how to say "one", "two", "three", "clear" and "thanks" in russian
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got my service medal > B ^ )

Can i be the only silver 4?  :cookieMonster:


EH, my profile if you need it:

you're not the only s4