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Author Topic: [BUILD CONTEST] Zombie Map (Kobewarrior WINS!)  (Read 5865 times)

i've been wondering what kind of weapon pack is going to be used (and what perks exist and can work in blockland with said pack), and also regarding barricades: would they need to be a specific size?

also to add, are there any specific bits on electric traps or various door styles like debris rather than doors?

Idk why ididn't see this earlier. I will maybe start building.

This is just my opinion but i think my best price would be if someone really looked in to my map and told what is wrong and what is good with it. And also so more people see my maps.

Only a few more days left.

Only a few more days left.
rip my map. forget school

Build Name: Waterworks
Brick Count: 29971 bricks
Screenshots: (can be clicked)

Save File: Download
Colorset: Truenos

Required Add-Ons:
aside from defaults and cubes i'm 95% sure this list is correct. hopefully these aren't too much

so a few notes: as a perfectionist, i hate the build lol. there was no planning direction in the creation so i had no idea what it was to begin with. i feel some parts are emptier than others and not full of detail due to busy days and the time limit and it really bothers me. while i wanted to keep the layout and its overall appearance decently simple, it just doesn't feel right when using tiled flooring or working in bigger rooms. i tried my best to slim down the required brick add-ons and i think it might have been a mistake already using tile plates for flooring, or using zones to have floating build supports to make invisible barriers less painful instead of using gsf terrain bricks for that purpose. zones could probably just be used to force zombies out of their barrier spaces and keep players out, idk. maybe it's just my first time trying to make maps like these away from what i'm used to

the build in the screenshot is moodier and dark because you can turn on the power in this map. my main concern with it is how useful power even is aside from getting machines running such as group teleports and stuff which i don't know if it's going to be handled in the gamemode or not. i didn't take screenshots of the power lighting because blockland makes it look piss poor with the light limit but i suppose you can alter the environment to make the dark less harsh in the case players can't access their light ingame. a lot of details and fixes were last minute and never properly got worked on as much as i would have liked to (especially power lighting and functionality) but yeah

i guess if the build is an OK start to see the gamemode's potential, ideas for a better map in a different setting would be super cool (a few days in I already wanted to roll over and do something else with the map along the complexity of shangri la). i don't think there's any better way to direct where i would suggest perk machines, zombies or weapons without a few possibly getting missed here and there but most of them should be fairly obvious so it might have been better to have the essentials ready for building beforehand; i could help point those out personally if necessary however. i don't know if there's too many or too little of potential zombie spawn spots because I wasn't sure how powerful zombies are and if they become impossibly overwhelming because of bot collision

now with that i'm exhausted time to go sleep countless hours. if you need the brick list trimmed some more or things modified, i can probably organize that later. once the gamemode is set up, working, and tested, revisiting this map and re-imagining it how it should have been would definitely be on my list.
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Build Name: Overgrown
Brick Count: 19497

All images can be opened

Save File: Overgrown V1.bls
Colorset: TruenoPlusTrueno

Required Add-Ons:

Took awhile but its done, I hope those aren't too many custom bricks, if anything I can just put it into a pack for simplicity so you wouldn't need to download all of those. I didn't know exactly how to make the doors visible as "purchasable" doors without using JVS, so I just left space for where a potential door could be. For the windows, you'll see various spaces in walls and so on, with a blinking clear brick in front of it. That's really it, I do hope regardless who wins that we could see multiple maps within the black ops zombies mod you're making that would be pretty cool. If theres anything I'd need to change or fix just let me know and Ill do so.

You guys should give a video tour of your maps

I would play a server that includes both builds.

Congratulations Kobewarrior. You've won! Yay! Celebrate! Hurrah!

Both entries were awesome, but I had to go with Kobewarrior in the end.
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