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i love it
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Author Topic: night discussion topic i guess [night 1114]  (Read 1076644 times)

for a while i thought my wifi was cutting out constantly for no reason but i realized it only happens on my laptop, so when it failed to connect for a while just now i tried going to some sites and discord on my phone and it worked while it didn't on my laptop

so im pretty sure the laptop is homosecksual as forget

i kinda regret posting this, it's going to be interpreted as manipulative just like when i was trying to be honest before i was disposed of

Considering how early it gets dark out during the winter, you could open this thread up around 5 PM EST
yea about that

sorry to hear that :( hope u can find someone else to be yourself with

mmm it's real brother hours

sorry to hear that :( hope u can find someone else to be yourself with

I'm having like a total questioning of my reality now that the first people I've ever felt on the same wavelength with refuse to talk to me and I have to go back to hiding who I am like I used to.

I'm terrified that I'll never find out what happened that made them hate me, and that I'll never connect in the same way with anyone else.

I've tried to contact both of them in many ways, but I don't think I will ever know what I did or regain what was lost.

I won't lie, even this is an attempt to contact them and I'm scared that I'm just making things worse, but I've been in a panic mode.

I just wish they'd told me I was making them feel bad very firmly rather than just blocking me.

I'm so sorry I didn't realize it until it was too late ;_;

i hope that they can see this and realize what they've done wrong and that it'll resolve, that really sucks :c
well if it helps u feel better maybe they just wanted to move on? maybe nothing to do with u but it'd still be pretty dang rude to just cut ties with someone like that

random thought:

wtf are night bees and why do i keep thinking of them

now im stuck using this account for a few days bc i factory reset my phone + forgot my password
google decided to be a richardweed and say "we have to review ur login because we're richardweeds" so i cant reset my pass with no access to the email on my other account

also forget you im double posting

i wanted to ride bike to subway but its loving raining and the subway has nothing to keep my bike dry so i didnt go :U

i cant use postmates either because they want google play updated and google is still a bunch of richardweeds