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Author Topic: Cohort [Medieval City]  (Read 63868 times)

it happened at ouingobango
we burned the witch too

was fun
ill do it again

im now in cohort again and im now helping with this castle project

Adorable castle :) love the colors

I miss quality builds like this. Does the medieval city have interiors?

I miss quality builds like this. Does the medieval city have interiors?

some, will have more but syl doesn't host it

ye and prison architect stole my life

i had a winner yesteday, thats why i love bl, also he doesnt understand sarcasm at all

v0002 Is not equal to Return To Blockland.
RTB v1.045 is a mod for v0002.

that dude's an idiot lmao

Banning people because you "can't win" an argument is the best move in the book. Works effectively against those who refuse to "lose". Ridding your own server of a pretentious brat who's only goal is to showcase his Blockland history prowess, who surely never played those versions because he lacks fundamental maturity that comes with age, is great ... Unless he's developmentally delayed and can only insult someone by calling them autistic and can only find connectedness by inserting himself in a past that isn't his. Oh wait. Perma
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sylv doesnt like highways

i officially deny all responsibilities in the gay of ant.
ant, dont gay.