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Casual Quest is a top-down cooperative action adventure game created using BYOND.

players are able to jump in and out of games and pick up on what to do immediately.

gameplay begins on wave 1 and gradually increases in difficulty until all players have been defeated.

the game features no story, but has the goal of obtaining royal treasures.
royals treasures are guarded by boss-like foes, which may or may not require great teamwork to defeat.

every five to six waves, the player has an opportunity to change their class depending on how they answer to a scenario.

the game features 32 classes total
with 15 being accessible for everyone
and the other 17 available to members

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I used to play this game a ton, but it is very hard to find a group of random players to play with.
my highest wave is 117, which I got to with a group of 5.
we all died in the end, but the game is fairly fun and reminds me of the legend of Zelda.

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on one hand cool

There's nothing wrong with Byond.

It's just associated with crappy games (besides ss13, the greatest of them all) because it's a free game engine.

no the engine is gay because i said so loving asisstants BREAKING INTO R&D MOONLIGHTING IS NOT loving OKAY GET OUT[/i]

i mean, if ur biggest issue with byond is the movement / lag

casual quest uses a multi direction pixel movement system much like the original legend of zelda or chrono trigger. its pretty responsive and lets you control your character with accuracy. lag does take place at times, but at the same time, the enemies lag as well, which makes it feel as if there are miniature pauses rather than enemies jumping across the entire level and killing you

the engine is really bad and ss13 would be so much better if it wasnt run on it

you, lolzwut, and I got to wave 80 tonight

the game becomes hell that far into the waves, and we need more ppl

we stopped for tonight, but I'm gonna try again tomorrow

help us!!!