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Weapon pack

What is Blockality?
Blockality is a weapon pack focusing on realism. The idea was to imitate the gunplay of games like Squad. We tried to do a "Russia vs America" scenario.
But you cigaretteet Blockland isn't realistic!
Who cares

Blockality pack includes these features:
  • Different optics for almost every gun
  • Limited ammo system
  • LMGs with deployable bipods
  • Changable fire rate
  • Distant gunfire sounds
  • ADS or aim down sights

How many guns are there?
Here is the list of all the guns. Also theres a few different sights for every gun.

  • M4A1 (A lot of variants)
  • M9A3
  • M16A4
  • M24
  • M27 IAR
  • M39 EMR
  • M40A5
  • M249
  • M1014
  • Meu Soc Tactical
  • MK11
  • RFB
Is that enougn M's for you?

  • FN FAL

  • AK74M
  • AKM
  • AN94
  • AEK971
  • AS VAL
  • VZ58 (not Russian but who cares its cool)
  • GSH 18
  • MP443
  • PKP
  • RPK74M
  • Fututre: Saiga 12
  • SV98
  • SVD
  • Future: Vityaz 9mm (with mini version!)
  • VSS Vintorez

Also there are special versions of some guns, such as the M4A1 has a 9mm SBR version.

  • When moving, guns will be less accurate.
  • Press "Brick cancel key" to change fire rate or if you're using an LMG, deploy the bipod.
  • Aim for the head. Snipers seem like they do bad damage (2 shot kill) but they instakill headshot. Same with DMRs. VSS Vintorez has highest headshot damage but lowest bodyshot.
  • Make sure you have plenty of ammo. Ammo can be spawned as a pickup like T+T, or spawned as an item that throws infinite ammo boxes for you and your team.
  • In semi-auto mode, guns will be the most accurate. NEVER snipe in full auto. You won't hit your target.

Deploying your bipod and unequipping your gun will cause you to move extremely slow.
Guns don't work with bots. (No intent to fix.)


Check out CTrooper's server. He hosts a tactical realism gamemode with these weapons. Its p lit.

Blockality on Glass:

Fixed invisible AK bolts when firing
Fixed invisible handguard on M16A4s

Added old style wooden furniture AKM
New Holosight model
Added: FN FAL
Added: Reloading with the M1014 will now add a shell every time your light key is pressed

Fixed: SV98 scope
Fixed: Certain weapon animations
Fixed: M1014 sights

- NEW: AEK791
- NEW: AN94
- Various model tweaks
- new distant shots
- new AK variant models
- new RFB models
- better blood particles
- slightly changed bullet impact particles
- changed bullet impact sounds
- added sonic cracks and whizzed for when bullets fly by
- removed playertypes (loving god, finaly)
- removed Slowed ADS player speed for all guns except snipers and deployed MGs
- script optimiztions on guns with attachment variations
- reduced muzzle velocities
- Rest in peace, AK103. You will be missed. (AK74M Custom is now replaced with AK103 model.)
- fixed sighting allignment on some guns
- replaced PSO-4 scopes with PKA 3.4 scopes on some guns
- added headshot sounds for snipers and DMRs
- ammo box is now part of the pack
- bug fixing

In the future:
-VSS 8x Scope
(Both are modeled, CT just needs to code them.)
-FOV fixes
-more guns
-underbarrel weapons, such as grenade launchers or shotguns
-probably other stuff

Credits: CTrooper, Sheepocalypse
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This actually looks really loving lovey

really nice loving weapon pack holy stuff we needed soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning like this

reminds me of zloff's pack, i thank you kindly for bringing this to the table

lovey stuff why's it called blockality tho
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lovey stuff my dude why's it called blockality tho
We couldn't decide of a name, in fact Blockality is probably still a placeholder

getting battlefield 3 weapons pack vibes

Guns WILL change your playertype. This is so because ADSing causes you to move slower, and deploying bipod does the same. Until we can figure a way around this, it'll have to be. Alternatively you can edit the code and delete the playertypes.

maybe check these out
You can now set individual player speeds directly using the following functions


Not sure if you can do that on weapons though. It only applies to playertypes

Not sure if you can do that on weapons though. It only applies to playertypes

its %pl.setMaxForwardSpeed. not datablocks, not weapons, but the player object itself.

Finally a wep-pack that wasn't made in the overly-done blocky style



its %pl.setMaxForwardSpeed. not datablocks, not weapons, but the player object itself.
oh, no, your playerspeed is supposed to be affected when you ADS and deploy bipod.