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SuperKart Plane

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A save of just the start would be nice

A save of just the start would be nice

These are the NewDuplicator saves I've been using to port the maps:
Starting area
Win zone example (copy the events)

Increase the WinRace event's number to increase the laps/zone enters it takes for the player to win.

I don't know how it'll load if you were to just place them into your saves folder, you're meant to load these with the newduplicator via /loaddup.

Will put this in OP.

Also I have to say: I'm perfectly fine with people editing my gamemodes and hosting them. Do your own edits, go crazy with it, replace the karts (i wont like it but i wont stop you), overhaul the code, whatever. Same goes for my deathmatch. That's why I have those disclaimers at the bottom of the second post/op. This is also why I have a bunch of prefs so you could change the experience without needing to edit the gamemode
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Fairly new to hosting, i am unsure how to load music files (default and custom) using the gamemode. help?

Fairly new to hosting, i am unsure how to load music files (default and custom) using the gamemode. help?

To do this, you will sadly need to edit an internal file of the gamemode.

Open up the gamemode's zip, and open the gamemode.txt file.

Look around until you see something like this:
Code: [Select]
ADDON Weapon_Spear
ADDON Weapon_Sword

//the gamemode
ADDON GameMode_FASTKarts

$EnvGuiServer::SimpleMode 0
$EnvGuiServer::SkyFile Add-Ons/Sky_Skylands/Skylands.dml

Below ADDON GameMode_FASTKarts, add your music. Here is an example:
Code: [Select]
ADDON Weapon_Spear
ADDON Weapon_Sword

//the gamemode
ADDON GameMode_FASTKarts

MUSIC BARBIE_-_Barbie_Dance_Club
MUSIC BEV_&_BOB_-_Bring_Me_To_Life_Evanescence
MUSIC BEV_&_BOB_-_Wrecking_Ball_Miley_Cyrus
MUSIC BLACK_MESA_-_Unforeseen_Consequences
MUSIC DOOM_2_-_map01

$EnvGuiServer::SimpleMode 0
$EnvGuiServer::SkyFile Add-Ons/Sky_Skylands/Skylands.dml

This is all you need to do, there are /boombox /stereo /music /setmusic commands integrated into the gamemode that let your players play these songs, so you dont need any extra addons.

this is amazing, only one flaw, it uses blockland vehicle physics

I have spontaneously fallen through the ground and died only once so far, so that's good at least

FASTKarts has just got a much needed update to bring it more in line with my most recent DeathMatch updates and to fix some bugs.


- Prefs overhaul very similar to v20 of DeathMatch gamemode. This will require your prefs to be reset.
Prefs can now be changed with RTB or Glass/Support_Preferences.
Both round types can now be enabled/disabled at will. If every single one is disabled, the normal round type is forcefully enabled.
You can now load the default karts from the SpeedKart gamemode instead of the karts included in FASTKarts if you so wish.
You can now load up to 10 addons instead of 5.
Parts of PGDie can now be disabled/enabled at will.
There are now pref presets that have different pref setups.

- Chat edits from DeathMatch gamemode has been added.
Admin tags and expanded flood protection included, controllable with prefs.
Support for Chat Emotes.
As there are no teams, Team chat is server-wide.
Player name colors are now changed based on the round type.

- Added new round type: Bouncy.
Players are spawned as Bouncy Players.
Karts cannot be spawned.
Has a green color scheme.
Disabled by default, round exists as a "mess around" round, you can break maps severly with this but that's part of the fun.

- Added very very hacky method to allow players to win races (complete the last lap) without a vehicle. This is disabled by default, but enabled in the bouncy round type for all laps.

- Lowered how much players lean back/forward in karts when that's enabled.

- Players' current lap now appears as their score in the player list.

- Misc changes and fixes.

This could potentially be the final update I make to this gamemode for some time unless I find some massive bug or something. I also may stop hosting my server within a month or two.

v6.1 Hotfix:

- Water deaths now correctly contribute to achievements.

v6.2 Hotfix: (hopefully final)

- Scores should be correctly set when the race starts now. (most tracks start you on lap one, so the score should be saying 1)

Track edit: Ported the speedkart track Sandstorm to FASTKarts. Can be found in the community/extras pack.
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- New kart: SpeedKart Default
Currently has the model of the standard speedkart.
Has nearly the same exact values/stats as the speedkarts found in the default SpeedKart Gamemode.
(cannot compete well with fastkarts karts)

- Changed the name of some karts:
SpeedKart II > SuperKart
SpeedKart ATV > SuperKart ATV
SpeedKart Hover II > SuperKart Hover
SpeedKart Jetski > SuperKart Jetski
SpeedKart Plane > SuperKart Plane
These name changes can be undone with a pref, however this requires a server reset.

- You can now allow/disallow individual karts.
Disabling every kart will force the standard speedkart to be allowed.
Having only one kart allowed will bypass the kart spawn gui, instantly spawning that kart.
Forcing the default karts to be loaded can still be done, but now with its own pref.

- /tracklist now displays how many tracks are in the server.

- Added debug commands, similar to DeathMatch GameMode.

- Some kart info will be shown when you enter one.

- Player shape name colors will now match the round type color.

- You can now set fractions of seconds to be shown when the race is won, as Ipquarx suggested.

- Time records are now kept for each track with each round type, and can be viewed with /trackRecord. The saves rely on the track's name, so downloading or removing tracks you already have wont mess up the saved records, just be careful not to RENAME your tracks.

- Completing lap 0 should no longer unlock the "Getting Started" achievement.

- Brick damage is turned off at round start, and turned on at race start. This is to prevent people from breaking out of the spawn using snowballs.

- isRockingVote status is now correctly reset at round start.

- Added 20 more seconds to the time limit. This gives players exactly 5 minutes to complete the race, with the other 20 seconds waiting for the race to begin. (on most tracks)

- Reversed chat message color tags, they now use /c# stuff again.

- Karts' health have been rebalanced. Many karts now have more or less health than the standard kart.

- Misc changes and fixes.


- Drag is displayed instead of density.

This is more likely to be the "final" now. I also recommend redownloading the extras/community pack, I've renamed Volcano to Volcano Island and I've added Sandstorm.
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This is how you add extra sounds to pgdie, right?

This is how you add extra sounds to pgdie, right?
Not sure what's going on there, as I can't see much of anything else of your code. But it looks like it might be right? The line locations seem right at least...

- Fixed string prefs.
- New gamemode icons.
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Forums are back, now I can post the change log for the update I did.


Changed prefs into normal $Pref::Server:: prefs. FASTKarts prefs are no longer stored in their own file
You will need to redo your settings, but this should be easier to deal with in the long run.

Removed pref presets

Chat message commands are now nearly identical to source code. This should make the chat safer and more true to default blockland
Because this is nearly default chat, FASTKarts' own flood protection pref has been removed in favor of the default pref

Admin tags have been removed - May be moved to a standalone add-on

Removed hide admin commands pref - admin commands will now always be hidden

Removed pref-changing commands to simplify things - you now need to use Glass or RTB to change the prefs

Players are now killed after 20 seconds of not being in a vehicle
This can be customised with a pref. Setting it to -1 will disable this feature

Speedkarts spawned after the race begins will now spawn powered


Allowed Karts prefs are in a separate category

Tips have been improved, and will better reflect what prefs the host has set

Better handling for when the default speedkarts are being forced

After Dark had an invisible brick removed, as it made bouncy rounds impossible to complete

Modified Modter has been integrated to replace integrated modter code

Removed Where Am I achievement

Death-related achievements have finally been fixed

I've finally fixed and done everything in my bucket list. I'm very satisfied with the state the gamemode is in now. Though, if you have any ideas for additional content/quality of life additions/fixes to bugs I haven't noticed, feel free to tell me.

You can always submit bugs and maybe even pull requests through the GitHub, would be VERY helpful!
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Thanks for supporting your add-ons. It's a shame that more people don't host other's gamemodes. I'm probably going to buy a Blockland Glass server soon and I'll make sure to put this on often.

download on your website is 'broken', file doesn't download properly

download on your website is 'broken', file doesn't download properly
I had to change hosts and it seems some files were corrupted. I'm currently trying to fix this, please use the nexus mods or blockland glass mirror for now.

EDIT: Fastkarts file was restored, you can download it from my site now. I'm still looking around for corrupted files but it seems only a few have been messed up.
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oh and, suggestion:
Code: [Select]
createMusicDatablocks();at the start of server.cs, and it'l load all the music datablocks just as if you was to host a custom server.
so.. no need to mess around in gamemode.txt to add music.

(untested! idk if this actually works)

oh and, suggestion:
Code: [Select]
createMusicDatablocks();at the start of server.cs, and it'l load all the music datablocks just as if you was to host a custom server.
so.. no need to mess around in gamemode.txt to add music.

(untested! idk if this actually works)
How would you determine what music files will be loaded in that case?