Author Topic: Modified Grapple Rope and Puller Rope  (Read 2951 times)

These were featured in my DeathMatch GameMode.

Modified Grapple Rope
This is an updated version of the classic grapple rope that has some neat additions:

- Fixed console errors.
- Rope has been "nerfed" to prevent hanging/stalling. It slowly increases in length over time.
- Raycasts are now used, resulting in instant grapples over great distances.

"Veteran" grapple rope users may need to adjust a bit, but I feel the benefits greatly outweigh the cons.

Video of grapple rope in action:


Puller Rope
This is a small edit of the Grapple Rope that "pulls" players by making the rope shorter over time. It can be used alongside the Grapple Rope without any conflicts.


Do you have the original grapple hook too?
I can't seem to find it.

Didn't Gothboy77 make a fix like this?

Didn't Gothboy77 make a fix like this?

If they did, I wasn't aware of it.

Thanks, i was looking for it. Also, anyone have the fist weapon? It's on RTB (dead) and all the rtb archives are dead.

Nevermind, i found it. Turns out swollow has a whole archive for that