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So here it is, the top requested release from Boss Battles is now available.

William sword
  • Does 30 damage to ALL players within it's swing area.
  • Can do an additional 100 damage to a single target directly in front of the wielder.
  • Hold down fire for a second to charge up a ranged attack.
  • Ranged attack does a lot of damage at a medium range. Damage at point blank range starts at only 25 but becomes stronger while it's in the air for the first second, gaining up to 200 additional damage. After one second, it loses potential damage at the same rate until it dissipates completely.
  • Players killed by the sword do a disintegrating effect.

William smoke
  • Does 1 damage and stuns a player for four seconds.
  • Also works on hole bots. Mileage may vary with other types of bots.

William boss playertype
  • Normal jump is replaced with a chargable super jump.
  • Can right-click to lunge forwards.
  • Always has a disintegrating effect when he dies.

Credits: Pecon (Scripts), Aware (Original sword model), Carbon Zypher (Sword model upgrades + animations), Jetz (Minor improvements)
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I wonder if after all the bosses are released someone could host a boss FFA DM. Not sure about balance though.

do you ever plan on releasing mocheeze?

do you ever plan on releasing mocheeze?

I asked Pecon about Mocheeze a couple days ago:

I have Jetz and Aware on board for releases right now. Still need to ask Carbon Zypher (vortexian, sirica), The Corporation (thundershock model), and Starzy (Mocheeze model). When I have them on board I'll put their stuff in the next round of polling. If I can't get The Corporation on board I'll probably have to keep the thundershock off the Scientist release despite my already showing it as part of that.

< most requested
< not dark samus

what in tarnation

When someone is killed by the sword, the chat message shows an arrow instead of the sword CI. I'm no scripter, but I looked in the code and it appears this happens because it calls for Weapon_CodeLyoko instead of Weapon_William:

Code: [Select]
AddDamageType("CLBlade",   '<bitmap:add-ons/Weapon_CodeLyoko/CI_Blade> %1',    '%2 <bitmap:add-ons/Weapon_CodeLyoko/CI_Blade> %1',0.75,1);
AddDamageType("CLBladeRanged",   '<bitmap:add-ons/Weapon_CodeLyoko/CI_Blade> %1',    '%2 <bitmap:add-ons/Weapon_CodeLyoko/CI_Blade> %1',0.75,1);

It's a trivial oversight and not really worth fixing, but I thought I'd go ahead and let you know

how does dark samus only have one vote

do people even know metroid prime exists anymore

It's also ironic, since from when I began playing, William wasn't the most common boss to be played.
At first, he was OP as hell before he was nerved, then buffed again. By then, people either played bosses like Rotondo or Badspot.

I have been literally waiting for the day for this to release. Code Lyoko was my favorite show as a child, and I'm happy to see that somebody brought one of the characters to life.

I'm just really sad that this means Boss Battles is ending.
Thank you Pecon!!!!
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lol It's funny because I JUST created and finished an Overwatch inspired build but didn't have a proper weapon for Reindhardt since all melee weapons in this game are purely cross-hair based. Thanks bro!

Yay, this is one of my favorite bosses.

i was wanting this gun since last year only for the sounds...
but thanks, pecon