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Yeah it's been a wicked long time. I'm not even on Steam that much usually. I think I talked to Electrk a month or so ago but I didn't have a keyboard haha. Just busy with other things now. Miss being able to hang out on the computer all the time haha.

I'll probably get on more in the next couple months. Me and the girlfriend bought a house and we're finishing up the closing sometime in May. So once we're settled in I'll have some more free time for stuff. Maybe finish up some old builds or start a new one. See if I can actually finish something for once haha.
i think i remember you

i used to frequent this forum under the names communist/titanium man circa 2013, i was a prepubescent and immature twat who got banned multiple times

Hey just stopping by to say hello! Thanks to the game and community that truly got me into pc gaming. Keep up with a few of you on steam still! (Which some of you introduced to me over a decade ago)
I got to find the time to hop back on a server with some of you..

i feel like i'm in a museum i don't know anything about

i marvel at how long ago their last post was and when they joined, but that's about it

Does getting Blockland in 2011-2012 (before v21) count?

Does getting Blockland in 2011-2012 (before v21) count?
honestly yeah. im finding it hard to accept it because 2012 doesnt seem that long ago but... v21 came out 5 years ago.

It's a shame that I'm not sure what happened to like, Skyra, Inventor2, and Cucumberdude - at least I haven't seen them in a while. I still think Aware is kickin' it and I mean Seventh is still here but I honestly don't remember much else of what happened after Cucumberdude stopped hosting, that time is a blur. I remember you two above me as well as those others listed showing up at that server the most.

Dang I'm old.
That's how I feel, I got blockland when I was 8, 10 years later I still hang around.

Hi there. I'm alive.

I don't really play this game anymore, nor do I check the forums. Funny timing that once in a blue moon, I checked the forums and saw this thread.