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So I went into gcats D-weps and switched a sound effect for a gun to be more...aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't work though. Please let me know if I'm missing something here:

Sound is a .wav file

Is only 67,000 b's

Name switched over from original sound in the cs file. Matches the name for the .wav file I implemented.

32000 Hz in Audacity

Am I missing something? I've run into this same issue with so many other sounds I've tried to put into the game. Some of them work once I lower the quality to obscene levels, but others work just fine even at high quality levels. I don't get it. Gonna experiment a bit more to see if it's quality related, and I'll even split the tracks to mono to see if that means anything at all. Any feedback would be appreciated.

use signed 16-bit PCM when exporting WAVs in audacity.
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Gotcha. It worked! Thanks pal.