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Renderman is a mysterious entity that haunts Blockland. Over the years, this entity has become increasingly intelligent... and increasingly deadly.

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What's New in the Halloween 2018 Update
  • Brand new Glitch Detector display
  • Overhauled glitch gun
  • New events for detector bricks
  • Improved support for Blockland v20. (Check out B4v21!)
  • Renderman now spawns in the farlands
  • Lots of fixes and small features

What's New in the Holiday Cheer Update
  • Added some holiday cheer. You may notice strange effects in snowy environments...
  • Tweaked spawnrates slightly
  • Fixed snow and rain being visible on the death screen
  • Fixed tag mode playing the death sound twice, causing it to sound unusually loud

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The Renderman Timer 2.0

(Drop it in the "saves" folder of your Blockland install to use it)

(Language warning on the videos)

Have any cool Renderman screenshots, videos, or saves to show off? Post them below!

The Glitch Detector

This is the Glitch Detector. This tool will alert you to the presence of Render by measuring "glitch energy". It will notify you if dangerous levels of energy are found.

The Glitch Gun
The Glitch Gun is a one-time use item that can be used to defend against Renderman. Upon use, the gun will explode, taking any nearby threats with it.

Glitch Shrines

The Glitch Shrine is a brick that you can place in your builds to passively repel Render. Glitch Shrines have the appearance of a Jack-o-lantern. You can make a shrine invisible by hitting it with a wrench and unchecking "Rendering".

You can turn a shrine off by hitting it with the wrench and unchecking "Raycasting" in the menu. You can also do this automatically with events.

Detector Bricks

These are special bricks that trigger onRelay when Render is nearby. You can use these to make automated alarm systems and other things for your builds. For advanced uses, the detection level of a brick can be changed using the "setRDetectorLevel" event.

If you have Blockland Glass or another preference manager installed, you will be able to re-configure Renderman's behavior.
  • Mode - Changes Render's behavior. There are four modes to choose from.
  • Spawn Rate - Adjust this to change how often Render spawns. Setting this to 'Disabled' will turn Render spawning off.
  • Shrine Range - This changes the area of effect for Glitch Shrines. Set this to 'Disabled' to turn shrines off entirely.
  • Shrines admin only - When enabled, only shrines placed by administrators will work.
  • Minigame prefs admin only - When enabled, minigame events and Slayer configurations will only work for administrators.
  • Affect bricks and lights - Allows Render to flicker lights and place bricks.
  • Daytime spawning - With this enabled, Render will spawn in bright environments.
  • Disable ambient sounds - Checking this turns off ambient sound effects.
  • Disable lights - When checked, Render will not use lights.
  • Invincible - Turn this on to make Render invincible. When turned off, weapons can be used against Render.
  • Transform chance at spawn - The rate at which players will spawn as Render.

Slayer Support
This add-on supports Slayer mini-games. The following preferences can be changed in a Slayer mini-game under the Advanced settings:
  • Invincibility - Changes whether Render is invincible or not.
  • Mode - Changes Render's mode.
  • Player Transformation Rate - How often players will spawn as Render.
  • Points for Killing Render - How many points are awarded for defeating Render with a weapon.
  • Spawn Rate - Changes Render's spawn rate.
By default, these preferences are set to 'Use Server Preference', meaning that the server's configuration will apply as usual.

You can change Render's behavior in a mini-game using events. The events only work if you are the mini-game owner and they ONLY affect the mini-game.
  • MiniGame -> setRenderInvincibility
  • MiniGame -> setRenderMode
  • MiniGame -> setRenderSpawnRate

Update History
v2.2 - The Holiday Cheer Update
v2.1 - The Halloween 2018 Update
v2.0.1 - Detector Brick Hotfix
v2.0 - The Halloween 2017 Update
v1.4 - Events and Interactivity
v1.3 - The Slayer Update
v1.2.1 - Mystery Update Reveal
v1.2 - The Mystery Update
v1.1 - Glitch Guns

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The Halloween 2017 Update - Full Changelog
# Additions
- Added new effects for Render damage and deaths.
- Render now affects lights and bricks.
- Updated the sound effects.
- (EXPERIMENTAL) Players can now play as Renderman. This can be enabled in the server preferences or in Slayer mini-game options.
- Render's kills now have their own icon.
- Render now has damage particles when shot or attacked.
- Players are now notified when placing a shrine while they are disabled.
- Renamed Health Mode to Damage Mode.

# Fixes
- The add-on now partially supports version 20 of Blockland.
- Fixed an exploit that would allow players to become invincible to Render.
- Fixed Render being able to freeze players through walls.
- Fixed numerous bugs with preferences, including broken defaults.
- Render can no-longer use jets due to AI complications.
- Fixed 'ghost lights' and map turning extremely dark/bright when Render spawns.
- Fixed extra 'Standard Player' datablocks created by the mod.
- Fixed players unfreezing when admins type /clearBots.
- Fixed console errors when Slayer is not installed.
- Fixed mount sound playing when Render captures players.
- Fixed AI not properly detecting haunt mode.
- Fixed Slayer preferences not working in game-modes.
- Fixed Slayer minigames never spawning Render when the global spawnrate is set to 'disabled'.
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here comes the renderman servers

ahhh... its like blockland in 2014 again

How to change the preferences?

Happy Halloween, everybody!

you foregot the car alarm when render is near a vehicle

you foregot the car alarm when render is near a vehicle
i feel this would be harder then you think

Bump so this doesn't lock.

Update coming soon