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I have finally packaging a weapon package
NOTE: I did not make any of the models, and all the code is based off of a base script.

Pipe wrench
Metal bat
wood bat
And Many more to come!

It has a stamina system, and 1 icon.

New Link
V2 [WIP (%13)]
Many more weapons,

Other Projects to Im making
Weapon_Package_Christmas [WIP (%20)]
Brick_All [WIP (%63)]

Spaceguy (item models)
Mechanic (item models)
Bushido (item models)
SMM developers (item models)
Despair syndrome gamemode for blockland developers (code and item models)
Marios (for link of base script)
Khain (item models)
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when you finish can you please upload to glass instead of dropbox since dropbox removes files

it would also allow you to push updates

if not glass, then at least lepoardhosting pls

give me a bit and ill take some

as far as i can tell most of the models are stolen(?) from other packs such as bushidos smm one or the bat from that one defaultish pack

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pan wrench umbrella cane knife from SMM pack, bats are recolors of khains old school weaponry pack....

give me a bit and ill take some
american hero

also what the forget is this

alright guys maybe you should lay off of him, outside of models he didnt straight up just ripoff bushidos weapons as far as i can tell
although they dont work against bots so i have no clue

please failbin. obvious plagiarism.

Okay, so I did not even realize my name was written on this here addon.

2 minutes before noticing this, I saw a new PM on my inbox. And it was this:

Dude seems to be convinced I released an edited version of DS/SMM weapons. I'm 100% sure this thread and this thread are related. So I replied back:

Then I checked back to this thread and I was credited as doing 90% of the work. Somehow. I'm just sitting here doing nothing and getting credit on stuff I never did. Though I wouldn't want credit on this thing where no permission was asked for, and when it finally got asked for the wrong people were asked.

soldier101, I'll ask you to please get rid of my name from there, and give credit where it's due as noted by Conan:
pan wrench umbrella cane knife from SMM pack, bats are recolors of khains old school weaponry pack....

I will also remind everyone I had nothing, nothing to do with any of this. Thank you.

please failbin. obvious plagiarism.
did you even loving read my post