Author Topic: What are the last two films you watched: The Megathread  (Read 4262 times)

The Mask & Toy Story.

let's go deeper. last hundred movies you watched.

hacksaw ridge and forgetin uhh elf i think

Earth vs The Flying Saucers & Star Trek: The Motion Picture / Cleopatra 1963
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justice league last saturday and uhhh part of rudy. but if it only counts full movies then wonder woman as my second one

magnificent 7
donnie brasco

thor ragnorak and serenity (for the fourteenth time now)

Redline and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, the latter being the first time I've actually visited a movie theater in 5 years.

Only Lovers Left Alive and The Holiday.

OLLA is a great flic

do the right thing and princess bride

thor ragnarok and little shop of horrors

V for Vandetta
Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Justice League (unfortunately),

and Baby Driver.

justice league

murder on the orient express