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Author Topic: Press the Button...? [Brazilian Edition]  (Read 47834 times)

button is now jammed in stuff

nvm the name change is gonna have to be delayed until further notice.

*10 hours later*

Okay... all the stuff is cleaned out. Anyway, if you press the button, your car insurance is paid for the rest of your life, however, you only get to have a very stuffty car.

no, because it's all about duper fast and durable cars

press the button, and you will be able to create donuts out of thin air, but you can only make strawberry donuts with pink icing and rainbow sprinkles or vanilla donuts with cream icing and chocolate drops
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slam that button

press the button and you will never get bills for anything ever but each time you use a lot of some type of resource like water and electricity life will start glitching out like a video game

forget that button nigghaaaaaa

press the play button and you get to play a random roblox game from 2012!
but you have to play on the 2008 roblox client

Sure, it's how I played Roblox at first anyways.

Press the button, and you will have the ability to solve any mystery. But the story is always really simple and nobody believes you, like Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was just because of a random engine failure. The Zodiac Killer really is Ted Cruz. The Illuminati is just a meme created by some 4chan edgelord.

Yes how is that even bad lol.

Press the button and you become an immortal vampire, and have your own castle, as well as a completely and utterly loyal werewolf butler, and your stuffed animals become sentient and will do anything you say. However, you can't physically interact with mortals. You can talk to them, however. But you cannot touch, fight, or hug them. Also, boredom becomes much easier to come across.


Press the button and the BLF addiction is cured. However, you become addicted to heroin instead.

Heroin doesn't call me gay everyday so yeah i will press the button.

Press the button and you become a LIVING skeleton. No fleshy bits, and all of your senses still remain in tact, but everytime when someone sees your true form they get spooked. Also you don't have a Wee wee

forget yes

Press the button and you can buy any game for free, however, if you want to buy a movie or a certain episode of a tv show, its price will be raised dramatically.

buying? tv? do i look like some sort of dinosaur that still buys shows individually? smash that mf button

press the button and you gain another arm (to play n64 like it was intended to) but it only has 4 fingers and makes you look like a freak


press the button and people will like you but you will spontaniously blurt out an unfunny 2008 meme tourettes style for the rest of your life

press the button and i die, but major earthquakes and massive disasters will break out across the world destroying entire major cities like seattle, LA and NY, and 3/4 of earth's population dies, and everybody on BLF also ends up dying from a random disease 3 months after the disaster, except you. 5 months after that, all animals die, and then humans shortly follow after, and you remain the last person alive, and are left to live with the plants, and become a vegetarian.
but then afterwards, you wake up and only realize it was a dream, and go outside, but everybody likes the same things as me now, acts like me, and does everything else i would do. But then you wake up again, and realize your mom became my math teacher that nobody likes, and your dad is now a furry that has the mind of a 3 year old.
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press the button and swift stops

yes pressy pressy

press the buttons to make the world a better place and have world peace and no food or water shortages and no poverty, but the politic parties will dissapear, including liberals, meaning it will rid the world of liberal sjws and an army of lord tony clones will chase after you for removing his post material
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