What should the next "Edition" title be called?

4 (16.7%)
2 (8.3%)
1 (4.2%)
2 (8.3%)
1 (4.2%)
0 (0%)
8 (33.3%)
6 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 24

Author Topic: Press the Button...? [Brazilian Edition]  (Read 21838 times)

Yes. Isn't the negative consequence already true for me?

Press the button to be given the opportunity to be the next chairman for your most favorite company for the next 24 hours. However, production for that company will cease while you're considered chairman for said company.

yes, as the company would be an arms company, FN to be exact. so a day of no production wont be the worst thing ever.

press the button to have one chance to go back in time to have a do over of something you did. however, when you come back, you will have 5 years of continuous hardship and misfortune.

No, seems rather worthless if it's only one thing.

Press the Button and you'll become the greatest game developer of all time, however, all of your games will be overseen, marketed, and produced by EA Games.


Press the button to have the source files to your favorite game for free, but have the chance of being thrown in jail.

The button appears to be very old. When I pressed it, it shattered. Still counted as pressing it tho.

Press the Button and you get to date the hottest person in your life, but you have to become their love slave.


Press to get a golden toothpick, but it disappears when you use it 3 times.