Server name - Official New Years 2018

Discord, for preload and optional - https://discord.gg/YDN9pYe
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Music stream, mandatory - http://newyears.block.land
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Preload starting soon
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Author Topic: Official New Years 2018 - 142 Players!  (Read 58971 times)

Quote from: Info
For the fifth and final New Years produced by the main team, we present a complete overhaul to the aging formula, showcasing a brand new, oriental themed city. This New Years entirely changes the basic formula of the established structure itself, with inspiration from cluttered, dense cityscapes.

Bosses are no longer a defining feature, as we decided on a less intrusive, gameplay centric approach weaved into the city to play as a better time killer. There will be events and gamemodes, though. The city itself is completely packed with attention to detail, and we hope you find all of the hidden secrets we scattered around the city itself. More details will be added as the days pass, so be sure to keep an eye on the thread.

Music will be hosted on an external website to reduce download space and to get as many people on as fast as possible. There are over 150 full songs all able to be played easily through the music player. This link will be showcased before the event and during the preload. The server download has seriously been reduced, and we have backup loops just in case. Music will be listed very soon.

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  • AcornCake
  • Alexfrost
  • Charles Barkley
  • Conan
  • Facebot
  • IkeTheGeneric
  • Jam Jar
  • Gatysh
  • Kobewarrior
  • McJobless
  • Mr.LoL
  • Nal
  • Pecon
  • Renekar
  • rb
  • Sonokido
  • Trogtor
  • Zanlue

Kobewarrior - Building, Modeling, Planning
Jam Jar - Building
Acorncake - Building, Prints
Renekar - Building, Prints
Sonokido - Building, Prints
Mr.LoL - Building, Screenshots
Charles Barkley - Eventing
Conan - Scripting
Electrk - Scripting
Pecon - Scripting, Music player
Nal - Music, Prints
Gatysh - Music
Trogtor - Hosting, Formatting, Graphics, Add-ons
Zanlue - Graphics, Formatting
rb - Prints, Blood donor
McJob - Promotional consideration
Alexfrost - Birthday boy
CapTMeaT - Special thanks
TeeOS - Special thanks
proxibomb - Special thanks
water224 (@water224) - Special thanks

12/11/2017 - Local "Legend" Agbu Opens up Brand New SUBGAY
12/12/2017 - Local Drenny's Franchise Closes Due to Tax Evasion
12/13/2017 - Tony Scaletta Opens Brand New Deli in Little Italy
12/14/2017 - Surge of Mysterious Floating Boxes Surprise Locals
12/15/2017 - Local Retard Attempts to Fire Back at Agbu
12/16/2017 - RAGING REVIEW: Doujin Donuts is an Excellent Hybrid
12/17/2017 - Krusty Towers Stock Price Plummets After Land Controversy
12/18/2017 - BitBean Price Soars After Introduction of BitBean Mining
12/19/2017 - Gamer Gospel: How Did the Biggies Brand Conquer the World?
12/20/2017 - Local Fight Pit Appears Near Police Department
12/20/2017 - HOLY stuff GUYS PBG GOT ARRESTED
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How'd ya'll get a new "New Years" forum account lol
For the fifth and final New Years produced by the main team
Is this true?

[im g]https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/166698524635955200/389611534310965261/unknown.png[/img ]
how's it feel though?
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how's it feel though?
You finally got revenge for the lodge, didn't you?
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I remember the thread at the beginning of this year, the announcement for this I honestly can't wait for this.