Author Topic: (Hatmod) Keroro Platoon  (Read 9807 times)

Keroro: "Its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum-de arimasu!"

Tamama: "Im with you, Gunso-san!"

Kururu: "Kukuku! The looks on the Blockheads faces will be priceless."

Dororo: "Anyone thinks that holding pekoponian guns is weird?"

Giroro: "Shut up! The invasion of Planet Blocko shall begin!

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thousand yard stare holy stuff

what do you expect

keroro is a frog-faced alien

of course his eyes are going to be gotdam huge

Sweet, I've always wanted to roleplay as a russian frog

Single hat release?
Come on

Its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum-de arimasu!

do you even know where that quote is from

adding to casino 328 hats now

You see there's mods on here and there are fun mods

This is both I guess