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Your name is Judith. You're traveling down Elmore Road. The road is looking very clear ahead.

You look to your right to see your 11 year old daughter Dakota sitting in the passenger seat. You're taking her with you to the huge mall in Carlton. Today was the day of the big Black Friday sales, but you've never been too invested in the door busters. Instead you come in and pick up the scraps left by the other shoppers, all at an amazing low price.

You see an electronic construction sign to the right. It reads: "3 HR BACKUP; BIG BEAR LAKES" This seems rather odd, considering the absolutely empty road sprawled in front of you. You take a few minutes to think how much of a setback this would be, and if it would be worth it to just turn around and head back home. Suddenly your train of thought is interrupted by the blaring of a semi-truck.

You jut your head forward just in time to see a tractor trailer swerving out of control, and heading straight for your station wagon. You panic and do a bit of drifting of your own, trying to avoid the huge truck while at the same time not driving off the road.

However, your best is just barely not enough and the truck manages to hit the rear end of your car, sending it in the air for a short time. The cup of coffee you had in the cup holder is immediately ejected, the cap completely tearing off. Coffee splashes everywhere.

The car does a complete 180, smoke is emitted from the engine due to the collision. The truck hits a slope on the side of the road and is completely overturned, crashing onto the ground. You sit there, utterly speechless.


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throw that dumb bitch out the window Let her get eat by zombeys

pull up wit da stick and make dat stuff go BANG BANGBANGBANG PHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRHRATATATAT ATATATATTAT BOOM BOOM BOOM and then eat that brothers corpse

see if your daughter is ok

wear coffee cup as hat and check the driver of the truck

kill her and use her as future rations

wear coffee cup as hat and check the driver of the truck
do this pls

You ask Dakota if she is alright, to which she replies: "Yeah, I'm fine, but there's coffee all over my clothes!" You look around the car for the cup, but it cannot be found. You decide to get out of the car and investigate the fate of the truck driver.

After you step out and walk towards the wrecked truck, you notice the body of the driver lying lifelessly on the pavement.

After further investigating, you conclude that the truck driver is in fact dead. Even upon checking his pulse you fail to find any signs of life.

check his rig and try to get the number of the company that made it and call it
then call the company he works for

take his body and keep it for future rations

he looks like a zombie, tip your imaginary coffee cup hat, walk back to car, and drive away
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