Author Topic: E3/EA Play 2018 Megathread: NINTENDO.  (Read 13962 times)

Teamfortress Amiibo Festival
portal kart
They did say they were jealous of Nintendo last year...

Halo BR
Mario BR
IndieGameDeveloper's BR
PixelIndieGameDeveloper's BR
RetroIndieGameDeveloper's BR
PleaseComeUpWithAUniqueArtsty le's BR

It's the loving survival game plague all over again.

I am hard and ready for a cyberpunk 2077 announcement

cyberpunk 2077 basically confirmed. my pants are off

The CyTube is going live this year. Added the schedule to the OP, hope to see you there.

there is already a thread

there is already a thread
You know what they say, "Two threads are better than one"!

Preshow begins tomorrow at 7AM, but feel free to drop in at any point. EA Play begins at 11AM.

wtf e3 tomorrow already damn what the forget

im staying awake until then sorry