Author Topic: Retard Podcast (BL Podcast) - Episode 2  (Read 5027 times)

Wtf is this lmao
Big boy blockland podcast featuring all ur epic and favorite block(land) forumers, where we talk about blockland stuff, hosted by beachbum and celau with usually 1-2 random cigarettes on, we'll take questions from the thread, discord, etc


Want to ask a question to get on the next /sick/ episode????? Post them right here, dingus, and we'll (probably) answer them. You can also join the discord we use and ask questions there.

How tf I get on
Dm me or beachbum.
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dropped the first episode, didn't really have the format or style figured out yet and it wasn't the most organized thing ever, we'll settle that as we go on, had a lot of good memes, papa bless

Get ready to get Plugged In!

shove me on the podcast

limerick needs to clean his dishes before coming on my podcast >:(((((

throw me and limerick on together

I couldn't listen for more than 2 minutes

This is the cringiest stuff the blf has produced in a while