Author Topic: [New z} Annoying Orange to Strike Syria  (Read 4075 times)

the cold war never ended, russia just had to recover after the collapse in the 80s-90s

haha you guys are idiots if you think russia's gonna go to war over this

why does the US continue to try to police the world?
because the us is the greatest country on earth and therefore must protect all lesser countries from the fall of civilization? moron...

i mean its probably just gonna be a proxy war if anything, I hope putin may realize how risky it is to go at war with the US if this does escalate, even with plenty of allies.
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These chemical attacks are all a ploy by Al Qaeda.

This is the most obvious loving false flag attack, even Sargon Picks it right out.
quoted: a survivor of Assad’s vicious chemical attacks on Syrian innocents

spotted on the interwebs


I'm just watching here