What are your thoughts so far? (Please explain why)

It's awesome! I'm loving it
2 (18.2%)
It's good, but it can be better.
0 (0%)
I'm mixed about this game
2 (18.2%)
It's bad
1 (9.1%)
It's terrible, I wasted my time.
6 (54.5%)

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Author Topic: The Crew 2 Beta is out!  (Read 3092 times)

that's just regular ubisoft for you. do you think it'll have a quit button on release?
also this isn't so much a beta test as it is an overglorified demo to try and sell the game. i know that's the point, but there's not enough content in this beta for them to even pretend that it is one.

i sent out for a register but does anyone have a key

EDIT: thanks to auzman i now have a key and i am ready to wreak havic upon mankind thx

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the only thing I'm hating about this game is the menus are pretty confusing, and the lack of any pause menu too is gay

I have to exit the game by task manager every time lol
For some reason the quit button is located where you open up a little menu on the side of the screen that has the radio, reset and abandon options on races, I use a Xbox360 Controller and I open it up with the Y button.

I've been working on this video montage of the game, what do you guys think?