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Take your own advice
Atleast this guy doesn't spunk into glaceon dolls
I don't need to try hard because im not you, thats good enough.
Yeah I should host another just so i can ban you when you come on because you're an autistic ape
didn't steal a joke its just what i've heard about you because you're a furry autist
Atleast im smart enough not to spunk into dolls
If Nix The friend starts posting in threads that means its already doomed
Youre the autistic one on this forum naming yourself after some pokeman
No i laughed at retards falling for obvious troll bait
Discord is loving stuff and only friends use it
It'd be funny if it did get deleted cause the friends like Nix would have to go on 4chan and would end up getting bodied
Atleast im not the loving loser who sets their avatar as cartoon girls and uses discord
Alright princess tell me more about the world
I thought that only happens when you fall on your fat furry ass

he was on my server loving with everyone going "I HATE YOU loving AMERICANS" every 5 seconds
he was also bringing politics into every loving conversation so i eventually permad him

yeah /support

he was on my server loving with everyone going "I HATE YOU loving AMERICANS" every 5 seconds
i doubt he's actually english lol
my bet's going on 'brazilian'

dont worry article 13 will kick all europeans off the internet once it starts

he sounds like one of those people that are american 10 year olds that act british because it's, uh, cool or something apparently

loving Americans..   - eholt 2018/17/16/15/14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1/99/98/97

no i meant eholt.......nerd

oh... good............ you would regert it.......

i went to the pharamcy to grab some vitamins and eholt was there with a fistfull of dollars and a pack of flintstones gummies and he came right up to me and opened the bottle and pulled down my pants and stuck a flintstone gummy in my roosterhole while wiping my ass with a stack of $20s and i never felt so obligated to smack him in the glabella