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Mango 2 (41899) and [AEWG] Barbaring (159798)
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Mango 2 hosts a jailbreak server. If you're un-aware what those are it's a server where there are prisoners and guards, and the prisoners have to try and escape while the guards give prisoners orders, similar to the Gmod gamemode of the same name. These servers are a dime a dozen and usually not very special, but this one was uniquely bad. The reason for this drama is the absolute baffling incompetence of Mango's administration on so many levels.

A little context for the situation: I played on his server a few days before it when up and was finished, there was a 'cell block' competition to build your own cell. I decided to help him out and build a cell for him and mine made it into the final map, and he promised me mod for this. I came back a few days later when it opened (the day of this drama) and this is what I saw.

Part 1: Bad Admins
I've only seen 2 members of Mango's admin team (including himself), but on my first round of this, there was an admin called [AEWG] Barbaring (159798). Here's my experience with him.
So, the round is going on as it usually should. Prisoners are trying to escape and guards are trying to stop them, etc. Me and a few prisoners band up, get weapons, and hold out in a vent where the Guards try to assault us.

Barbaring is killed in the crossfire.

The shoot-out continues, and Barbaring respawns himself and comes right back to where we were.

He kills a prisoner.

I ask him about it and he doesn't give me a cohesive answer, so I tell Mango.

Mango completely brushes it off and ignores me while people start complaining.

Finally after people start getting antsy Mango responds.

Mango gives Barbaring no warning nor punishment then 'goes afk'

Barbaring respawns and is killed once again.

Mango once again steps in after people start shouting.

Barbaring is given a complete slap on the wrist (he was never de-adminned even though he continued to respawn)

Here comes the segway into our next part, after Mango and Barbaring show how inept they are at doing their job, Scar Z comments on the situation:

Which leads to...

Part 2: Donations for Power
During the discussion of talking about the administration Mango slips this tidbit to us.

So, presumably, Barbaring donated to Mango to admin. He says if you abuse admin you will be demoted without refund but Barbaring is never given anything besides a warning (and is still offered moderator if he continues to cheat).

How much is admin on Mango's wonderful server?

Fifteen dollars.

This is bullstuff. 1. Jailbreak would be terrible for a dedicated gamemode unless hosted like Crown's (it always needs an admin on) 2. Glass hosting is $7 a month, which 1 admin payment is 2 months worth of server-time 3. I doubt this server would last more than 2 weeks before being abandoned.

After the outrage:

Mango lowers his price to $10. Cementing how desperate he is for money and how shaky his administration really is.

This part links right back to the Prologue and now Part 3, as while the current discourse over the paying for admin scheme is going on I bring up this:

Part 3: Lying and Build Stealing

As I said in the Prologue I made the cells that were put into the current map and I was promised moderator in return. Now, I really don't give a forget about the moderator status, what's the issue here is how he went back on his word after I criticized and confronted him over the multiple issues on the server.

He then goes on a tirade about how bad my cells were and that was why I wouldn't get moderator:

'Had to do major work fixing them' my ass. Everything in the cells was the same except for the walls, which he had to resize and replace to dup them all (which you have to do normally with literally anything to make it fit).

I start to get mad because he refuses to credit me or keep to his word while using my cells and calling them bad. After that he bans me and the server boils over in outrage, Mango has a meltdown, and gets shutdown about 30 minutes later.

The ride doesn't end there though.

Me and Mango chat on Glass about how he would give me credit for what I built (which he didn't) or he would remove my bricks.

So Mango agrees to do one or the other.

Later he's asked who built the map (which includes the cells, a pretty big portion of a prison server)

He continues to use what I built without crediting me.

Mango and Barbaring are probably kids just running another shoddy jailbreak server, but that's no excuse to steal, lie, and try to scam people out of their money for loving admin. I don't know if it's trolling, they're young, or they really are just that inept. One thing is clear though, they are not good admins.

The fact that he even sells administration means he doesn't care about the quality of his staff anyways and would rather make a quick buck than maintain his servers integrity. It's not even debatable either like that's the loving deal breaker right now, the drama is basically over

$15 is nothing and that's the saddest part. He's selling a role that determines the entire quality of his server for loving peanuts

bringing this to the front and bigger because it's pretty much the most important part of the drama

a good admin is someone who is capable of administrating a server well and diligent to work.
paying $15 does not make someone a good admin. paying $15 means there's incentive behind it, likely to respawn oneself.

slip me a 20 and you get co owner on my darkrp server
offers still there guys

what if i pay you 60
you get co owner and 2 friends get super mega admin

Actually the hosts slayer is broken. If you die as the final dude with all lives lost you respawn. We had to wait for an admin to reset it once.

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