Author Topic: Why do ppl never admit to being wrong in arguments on here  (Read 508 times)

i assume ur talking about the insults and aggression yea? tbh i don't rly see that as much of a reason to not admit to being wrong still, i can at least kinda understand if they fight back because of it but they'd still look so much better if they just conceded, even more so if the aggressor is acting that way

Everyone goes in to be contrary, not to be agreeable, thus nobody can be wrong or change their mind on a topic. More people attack the person than the problem, so that just makes people further entrench in their opinion.

Hit post too early...

People get into arguments because their point of view is being challenged. Nobody wants to be wrong, and nobody automatically starts an argument thinking "Am I wrong?"

The problem is that nobody lets other people be wrong, so there's no real incentive to say oops my bad and conceded over just ghosting if you don't feel like arguing a point further. Plus, some losers here will rub it in if you concede so that whole idea's out the window.

you're wrong and nothing you can say will change my mind

because pressing save bricks on your servers is my right as a blocklander

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