Author Topic: Tell Tale Games to file bankrupt, laid off most employees  (Read 2616 times)

dontnotd isnt doing too bad with life is strange, and ubisoft invited the staff over so they might go there
dontnod is also somewhat experienced with action games, which is great. vampyr kinda fused the choose-your-own-adventure elements of Life Is Strange and the action rpg gameplay of Remember Me (which failed commercially but I personally enjoyed).

Feels really bad for all the employees, but the company have released a lot of stuff over the years and I would not call their games art. Some titles are just as hollow as your standards fps. Still sad for all the fans of certain series they had going on, like The Walking Dead (that honestly just been downhill since season 1).

and the action rpg gameplay of Remember Me (which failed commercially but I personally enjoyed).
I guess nobody remembered her, not even Pepperidge Farms

life is strange is stuff
hows it to have a black hole where the heart is supposed to be

this sucks. stranger things was going to be their first game without their old engine, which they were finally ditching. i was looking forward to seeing how much better their games could be without that 14 year old engine holding them back.
good news

Welp, the only thing I was actually looking forward to from them was TWAU: Season 2, and I'm pretty sure that's based off of a graphic novel so I still can get that. Not much of a loss for me. The way they let their workers go was completely forgeted though.

LiS is DontNod you richardheads stop bringing it up in my tell tale thread
talk about a real loving under appreciated tell tale game like tales from the borderlands. it was so loved by bl fans its highly likely to be incorporated in borderlands 3

also LiS got a reward because you can sit your ass down in the game which sounds boring as forget but it still got it so it must be doing something right because its releasing LiS 2 and released a FREE story game too with high reviews while tell tale is loving dead

possibility of some of their IPS being purchased by THQ Nordic? or would that never happen considering the licenses?