Author Topic: Tell Tale Games to file bankrupt, laid off most employees  (Read 2953 times)

i mean, it's still games programming. there are still people that had to write that engine (or whatever they put on top of it) and people who had to write all the tools on the pipeline to make all the superficial stuff easy for art and design teams to work with. the gameplay being simple doesn't mean there aren't mountains of code in the background or in the back room supporting the game or the devs' workflow. the fact that they were able to make these games so quickly is probably a testament to how good their dev tools were. i'd love to see some info from the tech artists at telltale, i bet they did some awesome work there
oh yeah definitely, not riffing on their work. theres definitely a lot of stuff under the surface. its just that most studios do a more mechanics-heavy stuff, which working years at telltale wouldnt give you. they can probably make non-mechanics content like items/art/flavor text/effects/character design/level concept & layout or whatever, theres plenty to do past programming core game mechanics.

yeah i guess my entire first post was wrong now that i think about it again. there's definitely a lot they could do.

KIds dont care about art, they just want shooters.
Only kids play games? More like "People want interactive games, not movies"

It was always pretty obvious how unsustainable the story game genre is, I mean telltale really breathed life into the genre but it's already on uneven footing. It's basically a combination of a market intended for single middle age white women and another market for teens and franchise fans. There's no good way to bridge the gap between electronic books and video games. Like I played wolf among us and I liked parts of it but the further I got into the game the more I was wishing I could play an engaging game like rocket league or factorio.

telltale's formula definitely wasn't perfect, but it was certainly a hell of a starting point. series like life is strange are taking the telltale formula and experimenting with it to try and make something better, and i think that's great. i'm sure the story game wave has been long dead at this point, but whenever it resurfaces i bet whatever devs come up with is gonna get people talking again. cus there is absolutely a place for that kind of game, it just has to be taken a lot further than where telltale and dontnod have left us


I agree very much, and personally I think that dontnod are doing an interesting take on the story game genre. The style isn't anything too drastically different but it feels like they understand where TTG had made some mistakes. I think their bigger issue right now is just the political points of LiS 2 but that doesn't affect me.

npcs be like telltale characters
says alot about this society assahole