Author Topic: red text rebellion  (Read 3536 times)

how to help:

-make post text red


-stop hootaloo from using his fake avatars

-get avatars back

if both are met no more red text

hootaloo's fake avatar stuff is stupid. quote me if you agree
the difference between you and me is that my intent wasn't to annoy users

when tony was a red text it wasn't meant to annoy either. still sucked right?

when tony was a red text it wasn't meant to annoy either. still sucked right?
what in the world makes you think that? of course it was.
i just looked for a temporary fix, which made you get mad and even take it further by trying to annoy other users & admins.

bro just use requestly to change the image of your avatar easy fix

if we are going to red text again im gonna bring up this thread

nice plug of your thread

autism unleashed
this, literally. at least i'm self-aware
honestly i'm only half-joking about the autism, i changed avatars a lot because they go by mood & bruce willis really was not working out for me.

autism unleashed

with great power comes great responsibility

ok cool anyway, greenBH my name is even in OP this is obviously an attempt to be a richard to me.
i started this avatar thing knowing that i could potentially get banned. the red text thing has actually already been banned once. im going to continue posting this fake avatar thing, if you continue with your red text, that's fine with me, see if i care. just realize in the same way i did that you could totally, absolutely, get banned for this, so I hope its worth being a richard for.

im honestly just enjoying having an avatar again.
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you're half the battle. and yes, it is. especially when you could've used chrome extensions to change your avatar on your end. that way it won't annoy others and you can have your avatar.

I personally prefer green and purple text.