Author Topic: I got 2048 hours in blockland on steam  (Read 1546 times)

some of the hours were from when I forgot to close blockland during vacation before i left
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i just got blockland hours on 2048

i just got blockland hours on 2048
dude thats awesome, you play 2048 too?

the animated series based on it was the best. i own it all, season 123456789.

rn i have 2886 hours on blockland according to steam. but given my non-steam playtime before steam support was a thing, it's probably more around 5,000 to 7,000 hours.

im at ~5700 rn and thats not counting a previous steam account + before blockland was on steam

im probably WELL over 10000 hours total
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guys what the forget this is worrying

currently at 5517 hours

hey guys dont leave us 1844 hour brothers in the dust

dirty casuals

all 40k+ of my hours are off steam

stop playing blockland on steam