Author Topic: Have you ever been drama'd?  (Read 5293 times)

come on man its like my one epic forumer moment please let me have this one

they mentioned me on a drama page idk if that counts
also im surprised that no one has ever made a drama page about me even tho im like a pest

once because I was a bad boy who shot one too many kids in a nursery

what i said in the OP was kind of an understatement because i checked my old posts and i flamed a lot back in like 2016

3 times and they all sucked ass and did nothing

luckily i haven't been drama'd yet, but sometimes i can't sleep because i do worry about it happening

i don't even know how many times and they're all valid

Warzone thought I hijacked datiel12 because I had a bit of cranky attitude on the morning all that stuff happened. The reason why I had a grudge against datiel12 is because he raided my friend's server along with an alt. And 80% of the time I'd have to clean all of the damage up. But I think the hijacker/hijackers were the people who hijacked the other accounts that led to the blf shutting down for a week or 2.

I was going to buy/give datiel12 a key, but someone else already got him one.

Never been drama'd. Wouldn't bother me if I was