Author Topic: Blockland Forum didn't deserve borrowed time  (Read 13214 times)

probably go outside and take a hike like i always do

probably go outside and take a hike like i always do
you don't loving hike

stop morally grandstanding i dont like it

i go hiking sometimes didnt you hear me

hey eholt.

you're up here <---->

bring it down here. <--->

yea eholt make a post below ceists yoiur posts are too high

how about y'all just

step outside, see the world

the stats prove we're dying boys, cherish these last few months we have together

how did this topic get 5 more pages since yesterday

forums are back baby

How about you actually forget off forever instead of attention seeking you loving friend, when badspot finally bans you in a month you will probably instabuy another key anyway because you have absolutely 0 self control. you are nearly as bad as nix the glaceon, atleast hes seemed to realise that he is too much of a monghole to function in any community and doesnt post anymore, you should too.
I really really REALLY like this post.