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My IGN is Skweave. Correct me if there's an active topic, the one I found was too old.

Also, I am starting to stream if you want to say hi or check on progress:

my in-game name is Rozferd. me and jeprimer made new accounts over the summer, and we immediately remembered why we used to love this game so much. I'm in the fishing guild, so if anyone needs sharks/swordfish, I can set you up for extra low BL-exclusive prices.

we like to dress up like frogs when we fish, it makes you better at fishing (don't tell anyone though)

tito got me into runescape and ive been playing it on and off
my usernames cadilacs

i used to play a bit of old school but i lost interest and dont remember stuff about it lmao

i got my account back after someone hacked it and now i have 72 fishing and 10k in the bank

I started playing in 2005 but lost interest when my account was hacked some year later sadly. Nostalgia game, can't be bothered to pick up though. :)