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So I need a mod that disables normal admin functions. I can't seem to find anything like it.

I need the following things disabled for normal admins, not super admins.


changing enviornments

admin wand



using admin orb

clearing bricks


Basically I only want admins to have the ability to kick and that's about it.

Sounds like whoever you're planning on giving admin isn't trustworthy at all, and probably shouldn't have any abilities. Anyways, instead of limiting admin abilities, how about a moderator position? If you can't trust them to ban for some reason, you could change $Pref::Server::Moderator::MaxBanLength to 0, but you should really reconsider giving them any special ability if they can't handle being able to ban a person for a day.

Still seems like they can clear bricks and forget up my enviornment settings.

Moderators shouldn't be able to do either; they can kick and ban but can't do anything else. Again, you should only grant admin/mod to people that you trust to not screw around with your server.

Already made.


Here's the original topic describing how to use it:

Really a great little mod. I've used it for years on every server I host.
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