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My verdict:

Great Single-player/Co-op
Great weapon selection
Epic action

Too short, Could be much longer.
Crappy online mulitplayer! No online char selection or weapon

I played it, I didn't like it. The gameplay was slow repetitive.

In coop, is it dual screen, or one screen only?

Haha, I didn't know that it's online coop.

I played it round my friends, it was pretty forgetin' cool, I liked the aggro system (blatently ripped off of every single mmorpg though?), and the weapon customization was kickin' rad.

I own it and I have to say its very VERY annoying, I get a sniper  bam bam bam... out of ammo... AHhrar!!! I've only played it with my friend and find it very stupid that you pretty much have to pick up every single ammo pack that drops. The co-op shield thing fails hard, and so does the co-op snipering.

Its good so far but its not as good as every one was saying it is.

yes it has its down, as it is more focused on you being "aggressive".

I have the game also. I think it owns so much.  :cookieMonster:

Why? Because you can entrepreneur  your guns. Such a pointless feature >.>

Not just that its just awesome.

I also like the gun thing. :)