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Welcome to Blockland Cinema 2020!
The greatest cinema experience ever created on Blockland
In 2018, with the great help from Shock, we decided to completely rewrite the entire gamemode and introduce a complete redesign of the lounge area.
We also decided to build all of this with the indivirooms in mind.
The grand hall will function and remain the same as before, and will keep the exclusivity of Siba's huge curved cinema screen.

You can still enjoy your favorite crunchy popcorn item created by Pah1023 and EcstaticEggplant
and good news: vaping is now authorized inside the cinema (thanks trog!)



Indivirooms allow people to share synchronized YouTube videos with friends, there are 10 rooms
and each of these has a Blockland actor/video creator linked to it.
With Indivirooms, the videos played in it are seen only by people present within the room.
The room is free to join (by default) but can be locked so that the owner can decide who to invite.
All the commands are detailed inside the room, everything is displayed on screen before loading a video.
The owner is free to play anything he wants in the room.


Server powered by Shock's experimental Blockland CEF (The newest form of BL Browser)
Blockland CEF is powered by the 'Chromium Embedded Framework' which now allows to play higher quality videos!

You can pick between 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p,  720p (HD) and 1080p (HD) (60 FPS available for HD qualities depending on the video)
Quality selection is client-sided, and can be changed with the /quality [quality] command. It is saved for every videos you'll watch next.
We currently do not allow above 1080p for now for stability reasons and synchronization issues.

This year the installation can be much easier, using the new automatic installer you can find here:

When is this open?

The server will be open at all times, if it crashes at some point expect a restart in the next 24 hours following the crash.

Join also our official server discord for voice chat or notifications on what's happening

Blockland CEF (A fork of Metario's BL Browser 2) created by Shock
BL Browser development by Pah1023 (no longer maintained)
Server gamemode scripted by Shock

Curved screen made by Siba
Cinema built by Mr.LoL and ANT
Poster prints made by Mr.LoL, Swholli, Zanlue and Sonokido.

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Nice to see this is back and better than ever.

This is mega epic, I’m excited

Tons of people asking for CEF support in lobby

Good luck shock

CEF doesn't work with ReShade; it closes Blockland at
"Acquiring a new device context...".

Additionally doesn't appear to work with discordBL.
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psst can someone hook me up with passcodes for the soda machines and the key spots
so far:
red soda machine with a white chair to the right of it:

finnish vending machine:
white blue white white blue white blue white white blue

red key:
x: -176 y: 107 z: 13

blue key:
? ? ? ?
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you see, this is the stuff that makes blockland great, the sky is almost always the limit with this game.

why cant i play actual movies in the cinema

anything on youtube over a hour long doesent function at all

anything on youtube over a hour long doesent function at all

Any video length is supported, however videos that were uploaded recently require some time in order to be available on the server. (generally a couple of hours)

Videos with copyrighted content (such as music videos or videos containing copyrighted music) are blocked by YouTube, unfortunately there's nothing we can do from our side about that.

And the full-length movies you usually see at the cinema are obviously not free on YouTube since they're sold and require to be bought.

After installing the new mod, my Blockland will only crash on shutdown.