Author Topic: what was your first server on blockland?  (Read 3838 times)

i remember mine being some sort of dm thing back in 2013, canít even remember who hosted it

a random default freebuild that I still have the save to

it somehow got 20 players

Doctor Who?'s slopes freebuild as far back as I can remember

city freebuild

lost the save years ago but i built a comet and had a secret room inside

First server I joined was a building of some museum thing. First one I hosted? Probably me running around on slopes, can't remember lol

I built a sci-fi esque base in the bedroom. It got a few players. I was happy.

I think it was just Left 4 Block with Gamemode_Zombie.

I remember hosting a vacation server on GSF paradise. I had a teal colored house with fireworks placed on a nearby mountainside.

dark ninjas house build in bedroom - dark, some early September 2007

me and maybe 3 other people built a house together inisde the matress and regularly role played in it. I've managed to keep a saved copy of it this whole time

first build on first server i ever joined!!

acm city freebuild rp

My earliest memory of Blockland was me playing on a zombie survival server where some dude just placed a bunch of zombie spawns around as we hung around at the top of the ice palace.