Author Topic: what was your first server on blockland?  (Read 2342 times)

Snow Blight RP (Best RP ever F in the chat)
Furries in Snow RP

my first server i recall playing was heedicalking's military vs indians or whatever the hell that was back in 2011 i think

theportalmaster's server. he then proceeded to ban me for being a 14K noob.

theportalmaster's server. he then proceeded to ban me for being a 14K noob.
i'm pretty sure portal would ban someone for sneezing too loud

not the first server I joined but it's the only one i really remember; it was some sort of brightly colored maze, and there was a laughing sound playing every now and then
I found a dead end with a bunch of people and they were all yelling saying something was coming and there was a big face going around the corner, i touched it and i was immediately kicked
i don't remember any other servers like it or what add on it was and I really want to try it again

some random freebuild in october 2012 got banned for my id seconds later

i remember it was some freebuild on the normal slate map that had the cool dark blue skybox with invisible ground
but that's all i rly remember about it

paper mario thousand year door rp, got banned 2 minutes in for spawning a rocket launcher and just repeatedly shooting the only two people on the server

probably pecon's boss battles but I enjoyed hosting family rp and rotondo's zombies/ZAPT on ACM city or some poorly made maps I did

heedicalkings the last samurai

Pre-retail vanilla in late-2006, can't remember specifically but I think it was just a freebuild. Server list was pretty sparse at this point since (unbeknownst to me) mostly everyone had already migrated to RTB 1.045, and this was probably the only vanilla server at that time that actually had any amount of players in it. I remember there was a tower that someone had built from the outside of the window up to the roof (this was on the bedroom map) which looked kind of like an elevator shaft. I ended up talking with one of the few (two?) people on this server by the tower about how I had trouble finding active servers and they told me about RTB and how practically everyone abandoned vanilla for it. I of course immediately followed suit and dropped vanilla for it, never to come back. I wonder why the people in that server were still playing vanilla even when they were aware of RTB?