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from the latest nintendo direct
i wish i was kidding
edit: it has been reported that apex legends is now on suicide watch as a direct result of tetris 99
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f u k cjkk
baTTTLWweee roiuyallew

this is surprisingly fun ngl

hella fun, #1 victory battle royale my time is now

i hope the tetrominos can dance


it looks super fun but i dont have a switch fsfsdfsdd

Where we droppin boys
You have to say that each time you place a tetromino otherwise you're just not gonna be the #1

IMHO can't go wrong with anything related to Tetris as long as the basic gameplay is there. I'd want this game if I owned a Switch.

i got to 11th like 4 times, 10th and above are cursed for me apparently lol

btw if anyone's curious here's an in-depth guide of how the game works
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