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Whenever celau does something shady and stupid and gets caught for it he apologizes like it was the worst thing he's ever done. Funny how you have to bring him to drama and type 6 paragraphs to get him talking like a normal human being

I wanna start this off by saying that a lot of the stuff Drydess tries to snare me on, he's usually guilty of himself or has completely twisted the context of the situation to try and make it seem like I'm some ooga booga bad guy. Now, anybody can play internet armchair psychologist and put any sort of labels they want on me, but it truly is a bit of a reach to call him completely credible or in the right.

Let's start with how he whines that I investigateed him or used his name or whatever:
Context: Me and Drydess are on a first (and last) name basis.

One of the main points Drydess was making was how I investigateed him or something. Now I've heard and seen that Drydess has no qualms with spreading my both first and last name around to other people (though my irl name isn't matt like beach said).

Here's another epic thing Drydess did: Now I already made it clear how he was going on about framing me for being malicious and evil or whatever: check dis stuff.

Now here's what I really think out of all is the cherry on top: out of Drydess twisting and manipulating everything he's said so far he could still be in the right, however he just completely trashed the Soccer's Scrimmages server.

Now, a handicapped mistake, I used the key I gave Drydess to put on the VPS for Soccer so we could play. I had no clue at the time and it completely went over my head because I thought Drydess wouldn't notice nor abuse, shame on me. He came on the server with his friends after playing a scrim and they completely trashed the game, stuffposting in the chat and just ruining the server till everybody had left. Whatever I guess. We all got off. However he intentionally checked the key and got on the Soccer server, cleared the admin list, admined all his buddies, and did whatever the forget else. Apparently he wasn't content with just ruining the fun of about a dozen people, he decided to try and attack me by attacking something I'm admin on. Catch is though it's also Amir's and Kyro's server, so while they were just minding their own business and he was well aware of this he still shat all over it anyway.

Why is this relevant? It happened literally maybe 3 days ago. There's no denying they didn't do it because everybody knows they did. I had already ghosted myself from the BLF and just removed their autist clique from my friends and discord list entirely. I'd want nothing to do with them anymore and they just continued to stoke the flames for drama reasons or whatever?

Obviously Drydess decided to go to the end of the Earth to find substance to make this drama on me for. He calls me a malicious hypocrite tribal or whatever but most of the stuff he says can be debunked as either just out of context or not true. Then he 180s and just decides to go sicko mode by spreading my irl info and ruining my server.

This drama's stupid. He wrote as much as he could to be an epic BTFO and it really does just fall flat if you take 2 seconds out of your day to really read through it besides the raid stuff. No-one who actually cares or matters is really gonna change their mind on this dead albanian forum. Drydess you out of all people are assuredly not the brother to be throwing this shade at me. I'd go into all the gross shizza like stuff you've done even on this loving forum my man but I'll save my energy until it's needed.

To the clique though I wanna quote what I said earlier:
Now I gotta start off saying this to Jam, Nal, Trog, etc. I was a total loving clown on New Years and a complete ass to you guys afterwards. Really I am sorry but please understand where I'm coming from. Both Dren and the Clique offered their help, I didn't reach out to them. What was I supposed to do Drydess? We had less than a month and morale was low. You make this out to be me as a manipulating sociopath but I was doing it for the good of New Years. Why? I wanted it to work. I wanted it to be fun for everybody. It was supposed to be my end project on Blockland and it got dragging through the mud by drama after.
I think y'all do really deserve the right to stuff on me here and this is a good point that he actually brought up, I dogged you guys and Drendran and went handicap mode after New Years not because I'm an starfish sociopath but I really did invest my entire winter break and myself emotionally to the point where afterwards it really was just draining. It wasn't some epic master plan I was just trying to keep the entire forgetin project from collapsing because every day it really did seem like we were in over our heads. What's happened has happened though.

that's it. cya.

brothers straight trollin me.... im a troll hunter

brothers straight trollin me.... im a troll hunter

when u get pwned hard but can't take the L

your next account name should be bealu

your next account name should be bealu
his next account shouldn't exist

this drama is stupid at the same time admit it has good points - pick a side celau, and stick to it...

discord raiding, new years administration/management, and being shady and manipulative to get content from others for new years are really the key valid points about this drama. feel free to counter drama drydess by exposing whatever hes done, but its not a valid rebuttal to his claims about you. if someones being called a stuffter, them pointing to another stuffter doesnt make them look any better.

also, before you bring up new years, yes, i dropped the ball loving hard on giving you the code you needed. that said though i dont stuff on you for having problems as a response to you saying i forgeted up.