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/support to the infinityeth power

How is this even a point? We've had people on this forum who boasted about using hardcore drugs lol

also is it just me or is it ironic that me making a clint eastwood joke was what drew the line for celau to ban me lol

also is it just me or is it ironic that me making a clint eastwood joke was what drew the line for celau to ban me lol

Jesus, this is pretty comprehensive and well-written. /support

I wanted it to be fun for everybody. It was supposed to be my end project on Blockland and it got dragging through the mud by drama after.

Really nothing else to say other than you dug your hole, new years does bring some small drama every time but you really, really didn't help at the time or after.

I can see why he got all heavily ticked off about me believing he could of possibly had ddosed me that one time I posted about before, makes sense seeing he has one hell of an ego he want's to take no risk of having damaged.

way to miss half of my loving points lol its like you didnt even read it
I joined your stupid loving soccer server on my own, and killed it for a full round before there werent enough people on the server to play a game. me and a few of my friends were in voice and were interested on what I was doing so I told them I was playing blockland and they joined and we richarded around. there literally wouldnt be a game if they didnt show up, and dont forget over half the people playing were also having fun with it, not trashed by it. later I realized that you were (yet again) using my key in game so I went on the empty server, changed the preferences, and went onto edds server and told you. literally nothing else happened with that lol
also amir spammed my server like two or three days before this happened so dont bother pulling the whole muh ruining fun thing. you loving prey off of making people feel like stuff to a ridiculous degree and bash me for doing it literally once lmao actually go forget yourself

dont loving say I investigateed you dude because I only recall ever actually saying your name in front of other people once or twice, and both times you definitely said mine for le epic irony first. also your name isnt loving matt my name is matt, and I never went to anybody to tell you their name. anyways theres a reason I never made this one of my main points like you said it was, I mentioned it at the very bottom of the trough of this drama and not even for a full sentence lol

darth was never excluded I actually loving died at this because you took every chance you had to move us into the private voice channel and leave him in the regular one when we were doing something. if you actually read my post though youd know that Im not arguing with that, Im arguing with the fact that you banned someone exactly like yourself for being an annoying bitch. honest apologies on the suspension thing, misunderstanding on my part

who gives a stuff whether or not Im emotionally unstable? its completely subjective and doesnt make a single thing I said wrong

also first off I never once called you a national socialist despite you repeatedly bringing it up like I did to demean me or something. you and your posse of jackass gnomes have been harassing me for months no matter what the scenario and believe me it takes a good deal of effort not to just post senseless garbage about how youre a loving cunt so dont you dare loving say that any of the absurdly mild things I ever did were unprovoked
lets not forget either how you yelled at me and several other people to stop acting gay on your server because you dont want to be embarrassed in front of your friends

never mentioned it in the op but the entire point of the beginning part was to show that over four years you haven't changed whatsoever. you having stolen loving roblox garbage is living proof of it, I may not have felt like doing the math but at the end of the day you absolutely did it despite whatever few moments of revelation that caused you to give any of it back. you still stuffpost, constantly start projects and groups for attention, manipulate your friends, and lie whatever chance you get your e-peen hard

celaus a loving dumbass if he believes the verbal diarrhea that spews out of his mouth

Are you seeing a pattern? Because I am. This isn't the truth and Renousim knows it. I removed Renousim because honestly I don't like him too much as a person. This isn't a diss or whatever but he's sort of grating especially when he dms you dumb stuff about Rimworld or whatever on steam. Also he's a commie. Stupid stuff, shouldn't be in here. By now you should be wondering how credible is Drydess really?
Celau, the only reason I hadn't removed you previously is because I was naive enough to believe that you could change and just did dumb stuff because you were young. There's only like maybe a couple people on the forums who actually have a problem with me and one of them is you. You were bugging me to play some game and said some stupid stuff so I replied with a joke that you took seriously and apparently declared me as your arch-enemy because of.

Celau, you're a bad person in general who has done awful stuff, so it's funny to see you complaining about me when the last time I was involved in any drama whatsoever was like, 2013 or 2014 over some petty stuff that was finished in like a few days. Off the top of my head right now I can recall the facedox epic own you did on Tito by scouring through his old forum accounts like a forgetin stalker and then posting his pictures everywhere like a creep.