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wtf is this game
tower unite is the successor to gmod tower (once a very popular gmod server). it is largely meant to be a social game that you can play with others, with multiple different components to it (the plaza, the condo, and the gameworlds). the plaza is an area that you can hang out in and it features several things including minigames, stores to shop at, a casino, and other activities. the condo is your own personal area which you can build and decorate to your heart's content, and you can let other players join it. the gameworlds consist of multiple different games that you can play, and playing these games earns you units which you may spend to buy stuff for your condo or improve your appearance. the game features workshop support, with custom playermodels and items being supported at the moment. it is currently an early access game, so it is still very much in development, however it does have a pretty solid amount of content already.

official youtube
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hahaha busted shock's ass at wom LMAO

update just pushed, achievements and exp actually work somewhat aaa
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i just wish people still played poker like in gmod tower
that was the stuff, why pump money into the machines when you can just take money from other people

game is 60 percent off rn if any of you are interested

if i get this what should my playermodel be

Waiting impatiently for the arcade.

Waiting impatiently for the arcade.
apparently the arcade is the next thing they're going to be working on after this update, so hype

I'm glad this is still alive, I thought I just wasted my money on it.