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Author Topic: what is your religion/thoughts on religion  (Read 2008 times)

i used to go to church but then I stubbed my toe. the day I stubbed my toe was the day god left me

im a free will baptist. i don't really like it when people shove atheism or religion down throats, just let people do what they want

i find religions to be interesting, as they definitely helped in the earlier stages of humanity, but it doesn't seem like the way it was guiding early civilizations scale well to modern day
each religion also normally comes with an interesting set of stories and worldbuilding

currently undergoing a spiritual awakening. will have to let you guys know how it goes.
still in progress

religion is for dum dum stinky poo brains xd

aka: atheist

I stray away from it because of all the drama that is possible

man i wanna say i'm christian cus i feel like i should be but idk i'm not really too religious. i think i find that i'm more agnostic as well these days. i guess i just don't rly care about taking part in religion a whole lot but i'm not gonna look down on anyone who does or anything. i still pray with my family before we eat together and sometimes go to church with them and i don't have problems with it. and i'm also like, man anything could be possible but we just don't really know for sure one way or the other. so like hey believe what u want as long as it helps u while we all enjoy life while we can at least!
still in progress
good luck keep us updated

had religion shoved down my throat by parents and school when i was younger so im atheist

im christian bc it feels nice knowing when you die you wont just get purged into the void

if theres a god out there hes probably a cool dude who just wants me to be nice and stuff, no rules about not doing miniscule things yknow

am atheist but my parents are quaker

my religion is that thing where the skin squishes from clothing

i go to church as a christian

but i mostly use the hour for meditation and listening to the homily, i feel like theres a lot of good stories/lessons to be learned from the bible

although in terms of government i am aggressively secular